Monday, November 14, 2005
Me and Bootylicious Females

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K, maybe I have been smoking too crack (can you smoke crack? i guess so). Imagine my surprise when I am watching E! in Collins, and they announced that Destiny's Child's final televised performance will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live sometime this week or next week. Wait a minute....didn't they say that the last performance would be at the ESPY awards? Didn't they? Or maybe I was high. I gotta lay off the crack.

Something else that made me raise an eye. I've known all along that Michelle and Kelly were not Michelle and Kelly's real names. Kelly's real name is Kelandria, and Michelle's real name is Trenetia or something like that. Ok, I can see why they changed it, its kinda hard to say "I don't think they ready for this jelly, Beyonce Trenetia and Kelandria", plus it doesn't rhyme. But the reason Matthew changed Michelle's name? Because it was too ethnic. Too ethnic. YOUR DAUGHTER'S NAME IS BEYONCE. THAT DEFINATELY ISN'T MAINSTREAM AMERICAN.

And don't even get me started on Beyonce's sister. She had an album out, and was on the Soldier video. She was the pregnant one. And do you know what her name is? SOLANGE. Like Salon + ge. If that aint ghetto, naming your daughter after where you work, I don't know what is, you need to be slapped for that Tina.

Click on Solange's belly (top right pic, the b&w one) to see a funny GIF.

Click here to see Solange fall while performing. Look hard, you might miss it if you don't concentrate. Plus theres a guy who yells what sounds like "Hey B***" before she falls. Turn up sound, its hard to hear.
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