Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Me and The Book of Faces

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Myself think.
Why: because my roomates are sleeping and I am courteous to others.

So tonight is.....50 Cent Movie Night!

What I will see, I don't know, but you can guaruntee that it will be kickawesome because it only costs 50 Cents! W00t.

So last night, I came to terms with some stuff that I needed to deal with. We had like a 40 minute prayer session at HV, and I'm tellin yall - Prayer changes things. I am most definately living proof of that, and God will step in whenever you need him to.

Yesterday me, ThatGirlNamedKatie, Sarah, who apparently I know, but completely forgot, and this coolcat named Seth Hale went to Wally World to snack up on our vast supply of pregnancy tests...you know...just in case. Anyway, I got:

Cream soda, Capri Suns, Tea, Pop Tarts, some Lil Debbie snackcakes, and other assorted goodness.

Katie Pluhoski, on the other hand got: Liqour. Lots and lots of liqour.

Speaking of, on the way out, there's this crotchety looking woman with a table outside of Wal-Mart. She asks me and Katie if we would sign a petition to bring liqour into her dry county. We were like...ummm, we don't drink. And the lady was all, "Well, it benefits everyone." We sort of backed away and went to the car.

I'm like, Miss, (I thought this) if you really want to get your drink on, you need to drive the five minutes over to Waco (apparently you don't have a job, because you have time to be gapin and loungin around Wal-Mart all day) and buy your beer. She drove over here to set up her petition, she should just stock up. I mean, thats what Katie does. Anyway, as we were walking away, she asked a woman with 4 kids to sign it. The woman looked at her like she was crazy and walked off. Good for her.

As we drove off, I managed to get a candid picture of her, sneakily through the car window. Mu haha.

You can see chronicles of my life on The Facebook, which is really cool. Go to this link and you can see my photo albums without being a memeber of Facebook. Go on, you know you want to.

So the best thing about the competition between XuQa (another Facebook type thing) and The Facebook, is that their competition leads to better things for the consumer. Economics 101. For all those who are painfully uncool and gauche, XuQa is this new Facebook alternative. My friends and I have deemed it "dirty Facebook" because basically, you have an account (like facebook), but you can buy and sell things (online fake things - like roses, a stereo) to show someone you like them. But where they are dirty is that they have Anonymous blogs.

Well, we soon find out what happens once you give college students anonyminity (as if I even just spelled that word right). You get HUNDREDS of anon blogs that are "I hate Niggers", "[Screw]* Me!" "Girth vs Length" and "Black People Suck. Lets Kill Them!". I kid you not. Straight from the blog roll. Ugh. And then there are this section for you to post "Party Pics". Basically, an outlet for dirty people to post pics featuring them getting drunk, shower parties, girls making out with girls and basically X-Rated photos. The Facebook responded to this by adding a Photo feature to their site, which I must say is pretty badace. (by the way, the "male female" symbol to the right is one of XuQa's logos, in case you were wondering what on Earth ever possesed me to randomly put that up,)

The oddest thing is that at the page opener, it says:

XuQa, pronounced as "Zoo-kah" is the most expansive college social network in the United States with more than 6000 universities, community colleges and technical schools. You can find friends, upload 5.0 GB of photos, explore potential hookups, and rant on thousands of college blogs.

How is this even possible? On Facebook, I have 500+ friends, 300 of which go to my university. On XuQa I have about 8. Thats because like no one in the world knows what it is. That means that they are lying. LYING. My devotion stays with the book of faces because its not dirty, raunchy, and, er, lie-y like XuQa. WHO CAME UP WITH THE NAME XUQA ANYWAY!?!?! Thats just weird.

eta: We are seeing 4 Brothers! It should be off the heeezy...as long as I don't get shot. Def should try not to get shot.
Oh yeah! There was also some random controversy about whether or not you have to have a blogspot acount to comment. You don't! So leave as many as you want! It takes about 13 seconds!
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