Wednesday, June 28, 2006
OK, so I'm here at this Burger King at University, because I can't meet my friend till 10, and I dont want to pay for parking, and for some reason this Burger King has Wifi. I didnt want to be cheap, so I bought a Dutch Apple pie off of the dollar menu and am currently eating it.

ANyway, I just came from Wendy's, were I sat down and managed to kill about an hour of time with a Spicy Chicken Sandwich, small fries, and yogurt with granola. Anyway, there was this mentally retarded transexual person in there I swear to GOD. I walked in and she/he was trying to get people to vote for some congressman or senator or something. At first I thought he/she was married to this dude in the corner, because he/she was all up in his business and he had two kids. She was acting like the kids were hers or something, dag.

Anyway, he left, and I thought she was gone, because she left with him...I later found out she was just harrassing him in the parking lot. She came back, and I just KNEW she was going to say something to me. I just knew he/she was, because besides the people working, I was the only one sitting down eating.

So the little bells came on, I guess they anounce the fact that the fries are done, and he/she began this long ramble about how the bells are the theme of superman and could I guess who her favorite superhero was. I was like "thats nice, yeah cool awesome leave bye" but he/she didnt get the hint. More on her later, my ride is here.
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm 19!!!!


So I had an awesome birthday, thanks to all. I dont feel like writing right now, but felt the need to update, so I'll see you kids lata, aiight!?!?!?!

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