Thursday, December 29, 2005
Geeeeve me a Keeees

Currently listening to
Talk Dirty To Me
by Posion

And baby we'll be
At the drive-in
In the old man's Ford
Behind the bushes
Til I'm screamin for more
Down the basement
Lock the cellar door
And baby
Talk dirty to...

That is the ish. For Christmas I got Scrubs Season 2 and I decided to refresh myself with season one before watching two. It is all of that and a bowl of grits. If you are not down with Scrubs, you need to be, because it is all of that.

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas, and I'll write some more from my desktop later on, because Living Single is on. Holla - Dre Dub
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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Broke-A Laptop
Sorry guys, my laptops DEAD. DEAD. No posts for a little while, till I get it fixed....Holla back! Hope everyone had a good Deck 25!
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Friday, December 16, 2005
Why are you still talking!?!?!

Currently listening to
New York, New York
by Frank Sinatra

Here's what I don't get about my father. He has a 2004 Dell computer, a 5 month old Bose sound system (state of the are junk) a brand new Chrysler 300 in the driveway, and he still has dial-up. What up wit dat? I mean, he is a man of the 21st century. His phone cost a good $200+ (it is a workphone though) but still. I want cable dangit. Or even LAN. LAN would be nice. Luckily for me, this laptop has wireless, so I can secretly mooch off the next door neighbors, mu ha ha. The only thing bad about that is that I have to sit still in a certain spot (I just realized my room gets it GREAT) and if I move even a little bit, its shot to you know where.

For those of you who may not know, my laptop crashed. It crashed HARD. I have a sneaking supsicion its because I installed Service Pack 2. Oh, yes, I think that was it. I was stuck in a reboot loop, which is so horrible because your computer will boot, get to the welcome screen, and then restart. Even if you try in VGA, Safe, or any of those other modes. So I ended up going to the Student Bookstore and getting my 5 dolla student copy of XP and re-installing it. Nasty business. Lucky it was at the end of the semester and I really didnt need those papers and stuff, but all my pictures, my cherished photographs were now gone. Oh well, they are all online on The Facebook anyway.


You know that Family Guy episode, I actually think it was the first one, where fathers know automatically if someone touches the thermostat? I swear its true. I am a warm natured person, and it is almost always way to warm for me in the house, and I would change the thermostat, and instasntly he would know. He just called up and asked me if I had changed it, but I didn't. Maybe his fatherthermostatometer is messing up in his old age. Mu ha ha.

It seems as though beautiful supermodels who are now sort of chunky have grasped a hold of my life. The other day. Project Runway, and yesterday I watched an America's Next Top Model marathon on VH1, and let me tell you, it was really good. I mean, I used to dislike Tyra for some reason (black people don't really need a reason not to like somebody) but now she is my homegirl. I started watching from the episode when she went off on that girl Tiffanie ("Shut UP! STOP IT! WHY ARE YOU TALKING!") all the way when Keenyah started gaining weight and Tyra informed her that they had to airbrush her picture more than anyone else's to get rid of her big ol' crossioint eatin gut.

I couldn't help but realize, though, that Tyra was lookin a little chunky herself. Not fat, but not supermodel thin, either, which I don't mind. She adressed it in a one on one with Keenyah when she was all "You have to learn how to go by the rules of the system...I had to, and now since I don't do runway anymore, I can let go a little, eat what I want. But you don't have that luxury."

The funniest thing to me, is when it was down to the last two girls, and they announced the winner. The girl who didn't win, Khalen, started weeping, and goin "Huh.....I could have done so much better! Agh!" Doesn't she watch American Idol? Doesn't she know that the runner up gets as much if not sometimes more as the winner? Even though she didn't win, she still got second OUT OF THOUSANDS OF GIRLS. I don't think any modeling agency is going to say, "Khalen, we were thinking of hiring you...but we noticed you came second on America's Next Top Model. I'm afraid we cannot hire you. Good day."

Thats all for now, but before I go...

This is my best friend ever. Straight up, my road dog and I love him, he's my brother. This is from a play we were in during HS, and thats me in the left corner, the green one. See yall next time.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
If you thought Waco was boring...

Currently watching
Project Runway

I'm getting slightly hooked on this Project Runway show. I just got home and, as you know, Baylor has major issues because we are on some different schedule than everyone else in the entire universe. Half of my friends don't even get here till next week, but I guess thats the price you pay when your ridicoulously overprices parochial private school is on the old Anglican Calendar.

I want a reality tv show. I wonder what my little catch phrase would be though. "Get the eff out!" instead of "You're fired." And instead of writing a thank-you note to the loser, I would probably do a driveby-bye. Like, "Shameka...get the eff out." and then you would see her weeping, and running out to the cab, and then suddenly, "I...said...get...the...eff...OUT!" and my masked gunmen would rush out and, you know, finish the deed. Mu ha ha.
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Monday, December 12, 2005
Oh, H To Tha No

Currently listening to:
Have You Ever
by Brandy

Oh yes. I am listening to Brandy. And it is old school Brandy. I have this whole collection of music thats cached since like 8th grade, and its basically a historical list. I listen to everything thats good. And you know Have You Ever used to be your ish. You totally danced to that at the 8th grade Harvest Dance.

Remember when Whitney used to be halfway normal? Back before she would scream out randomly, "H TO THA NO!"(if you've never heard it, here is a lovely soundbite from the show), and try to dance, or be interviewed by Diana Sawyer about the state of her coke life.

WILLIAMS: And approximately two weeks after Diane Sawyer, I did my radio interview that became a light-bulb moment in my career.

So, Whitney, as far as you stand with drug use, is there drug use going on at this present time?

HOUSTON: Who are you talking to?

WILLIAMS: To you, Whitney.

HOUSTON: No, you're not talking to me. I'm a mother. Only my mother has privy to that information. You talk to your child about that. Don't ask me no questions like I'm a child.

Yeah, she is a crazy heifer.

But here's what I'm not going to do. I'm not going to make fun of Whitney. Oh no. Poor duck has been through so much, what with her falling out hair, and her lack of a successful marraige. But hey, what works for you, Crackhead!

I am stuck in Waco. I'm done with finals, but my ride don't leave till Wednesday. So I'm stuck here. Huhhh. I am so bored, I have nothing to do with my life, and that suuuuucks.

I changed the name of the site, oh yes I did. Take that, you hd no right to try and think that I wouldn't change it! I put the ads back on, so click some stuff! I get paid! Like a mofo! And use that nifty little, um, search toolbar at the top! I get paid off that shizz too! So click it!

eta, becasue this is too funny not to add...a flashgame were you save animals from J.Lo the fur woman's clutches. So funny, you must do it....and my new shop....the justin locklear collection...enjoy!
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Saturday, December 10, 2005
Baby Grind On Me (Sloohooo Griiihind)

Currently listening to
Great is Your Mercy
by Donnie McClurkin

I saw Chronicles of Narnia today, and I'm not going to lie, I was lost throughout the entire movie. I mean, the first thirty minutes are of this bad-A little girl, who decides to go hide in a Wardrobe, and enters a weird mysterious land. Instead of turning around and going back to watch Dora the Explorer or whatever little kids do, she decides to - you guessed it - explore. Then she meets a half man/half horse type brother, and she goes and has tea with him. So in the first quarter of the movie, she goes all up in someone's closet who she doesn't know, she somehow transends reality and walks off with a random man to have tea. I almost shouted when he informed her that he was going to kindap her, but alas, he reneged and decided to help her get home. Dag.

I am bored. There is nothing to do in Waco, and half of everyone is gone for break. My last final is on Monday, but I can't get a ride till Wednesday, so that sucks.

Now its time to play

Leave a comment as to what you think is going on in this picture. It is Lindsay Lohan on the Jay Leno show, and she seems to be grinding on Juelez Santana.

Have a good night, yall. Leave me some comments!
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Why Are You Still Here?
K, so if E! has taught us anything about entertainment, is that people will read/watch anything as long as it is preceded with "101" and ended with "Oops!." Case in point: 101 Most Shocking Moments in Entertainment, 101 Biggest Celebrity Oops, 101 Most Starlicious Makeovers, and 101 Juiciest Hollywood Hookups. So, following in that vein, I present to you....

101 People who Shouldn't Be Celebrities

And seeing as how I do have a life and whatnot, its going to be no where near 101. You'll be lucky if its even 10. Mu ha ha.

First up,

Ashlee Simpson

Why is she even famous? Can she sing? No. She cannot. And what color is her hair really? Why should we care about her and her lack of talent? I wish that I had my own reality tv show. As a matter of fact, I now demand my own reality television program. She had one, and she's about as important as Bobby Brown performing at concert on 2005. No one cares. She can't even walk out of her house without mortally wounding small children. I know, I know, you never read about her hurting those kids in the newspapers. But thats apart of her master plan, you see. Oh yes.

Trishelle from The Real World

GET. OFF. MY. TV. SCREEN. NOW. No one likes you, you are like a bad odor in a couch at someone's home, and every time you go over to their house and they say "hey guys, sit down" you dread sitting down because the couch smells like feet. That's you, Trishelle. You are the foot odor on the couch of my life. You have no real talent outside of drinking and being a hook. You aren't even pretty. You look sort of like a Martian who tried to be funny and shape shift himself into the ugliest human possible. You are the result of someone's April Fool's joke.

Paris Hilton

What does she do? What is her whole purpose in life, save to "look hot" (which she failes miserably at) and to be half-naked? Let's not forget her saying the "n" word and getting caught on tape saying it, and then after saying, "Everyone who knows me, knows that I am totally not racists. That's just not hot.", like 30 of her friends were like, "Um...shes lying."All I know is, if Trishelle is the odor in the couch that I was discussing earlier, then Paris Hilton is the herpes. She looks like a walking STD, and to quote another blog I read, The Superficial,

After all, the girl's like the Pepé Le Pew of venereal diseases. She walks down the streets, and suddenly all the flowers have wilted and all the children she's passed begin to feel a burning sensation when they pee. Though, to her credit, the whole incident may just have been one of those classic Pepé Le Pew misunderstandings. She probably just mistook the kids for Lindsay Lohan after they unknowingly sat on a bench freshly painted with {hooker}

More later, when I feel like it.
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Friday, December 09, 2005
The Case For Acceptable Racism

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by Kirk Franklin

Students at Highland Park High School dressed as gang members, rap stars, maids and yard workers this month during homecoming week – a tradition one Dallas civil-rights leader says is racially insensitive.

“The scary part of something like this is you have to wonder how long these kids will continue to think this way,” said Bob Lydia, president of the Dallas chapter of the NAACP. “These kids will be leaders of this country one day.”

The case for acceptable racism. Things like this are so commonplace, and people accept them as such, without thinking about the people who aren't laughing about it.

The thing about racism, is that once we become desensitized to it, and think that it is no longer there, is when we lose compassion for others. This leads me to the list of words that are not in my vocabulary any longer:




I've never even really used them (the only one I ever use is gay). I didn't know that chink was offensive until about the 12th grade because I had never heard it directed at a person before, only like, "chink in the chain" or something like that. Didn't know what beaner was until the 10th grade, when I was talking to someone and they said "Oh, you mean that beaner" and I had no idea what they were talking about. And I've just re-evaluated the word "gay". When used as an adjective or pronoun, it is completely stupid. We sound like third graders when we call each other gay all the time, so I'm not going to use the word anymore. But the thing is, even though white people may be hesitant to say nigger, they will say chink or beaner in a second, which to me, even without the historical background that the word nigger has, is still pretty offensive.

Next point. At the Freshman Formal on Saturday, out of everyone there, there were all of 7 people of color there. Its what I expected, but I had somewhat higher hopes. But here's the thing. I don't know how I feel about a group of basically white hicks/rich people at a dance hall that is little more than a converted bar/bingo hall, singing, "I aint sayin she a gold digga/ but she aint messin wit no broke nigga" Seriously. They all said it. Like it was nothing.


Next. The use of the word "ghetto." I hear it from people at least 30 times a day. Not kidding. The only problem is, it is used to describe a crappy place, usually replete with balck people. "No, my high school was ghetto. I was like, the only white person in my school." Or, in reference to the city itself. Now, I dislike Waco as much as the next person, but these are the same people who rush over to Africa on "mission trips" to help, when there is just as much to do right off campus. I swear, I don't get half the people in this school sometimes, ignorance definately prevails.

Link Roundup

Here is the worst rendition of The Star Spangled Banner ever. By R. Kelly. Especially fun is when he goes "Oh say does, CLAP YO HANDS YALL, that star, whoo! Spangled Banner yet wave." Your life will not be complete without it, it even has a breakdown section at the end. It takes a second to download, but its worth it.

The opening act for the Fugees tries to be cute and takes a stage dive at the end of her set. Remember that scene in Mean Girls where Gretchen "apologizes" and she falls back and no one catches her? Yeah, complete with a thud.
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Thursday, December 08, 2005
Freaking Hookah

Currently listening to
Independent Women Part 1
by Destiny's Child

OK, I am still on this Destiny's Child thang....I swear, this CD is invading my mind. But want I want to know, when I listen to a DC song, I listen for the girl's individual voices, to see who is singing which background hooks. If you listen caarefully to songs like Independent Women, on the "All the women/ Independent" section, you can hear all of their voices...and a curiously deep voice, that could be a man. I know they probably have background singers to round out the sound, but it sounds like a dude. I couldn't find a good link for the song, so here's the video. May require IE, but I dunno.

So now for the main event. The big blog entry.Mkay, for all you people who just have to smoke your hookah. Why?

I have no problem with a person who says, "I'll smoke a cigarette, and yeah, I'm down with hookah." But the one who would never dream of puffing a cig, but will willingly suck on the hookah? What kind of sense does this make? Its a trend. A pretty dumb one, but a trend nontheless. I've asked a lot of people why they smoke, and the I get the same answers. "Its relaxing. Its social." Well, so's a gangbang, but I don't see you rushing out to procure a random alley for your sordid activities. (side note - In Focus Magazine, an insert-type booklet that comes out once a month inside the Lariat, they discussed "the other side" of Baylor...which apparently includes football gangbangs. Page 5 - "...James has witnessed but never participated in...a gangbang. 'They get her on camera saying she is cool with it.' If at any time she says stop during the recorded session...the men stop the tape, rewind, and record over it.")

So back to hookah.

The administration has outlawed hookahs on campus, but there's a new hookah lounge that opened up somewhere so that kids can get their daily fix of tobbacco, while firmly saying they are against cigarettes.

So, the hookah smoker who doesn't smoke cigs, I have a question. Do you also snort cocaine, but not smoke it? Do you engage in oral sex but not intercourse (believe me - there are more than a few)? Do you Front-Tuck? Come on, I want to know.

Hit me up.
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Lets Hook Up

Currently listening to
Stand Up For Love
by Destiny's Child

My sister left the Destiny's Child Dual Disc #1's CD in my case, and I have to say, this is some of the grroviest music I've listened to in a while. I have all these songs, I've just not listened to them in awhile. And the new 'Stand Up For Love' single is all of that.

So today in Collins, while I was eating, the television machine was showing some Real World thing. You know, one of those "Things they didn't Show You, But We are Going To SHow You Now" type things, and I was pretty suprised at how stupid it was. It was just sex and drinking. Real World used to be so much more than that for me. *only a little bit of sarcasm* What happened to the Corals and Mikes, the Julies, that heifer Veronica, oooh and even that dirty hook Ruthie?

Then I was thinking how when I watched Laguna Beach how shocked I was when they kept casually saying that they "hooked up" with someone. On The Real World, "hooked up" meant have sex. Like, "Nehemiah totally hooked up in the Confession Room." When I was forced to watch the two episodes of Laguna Beach that I did, I was shocked whenever they would be all, "Becky totally hooked up with Seth at that party." Because they are younger (supposedly) than I am, and their casual sex is just being thrown about like their fake hair, and its all on tv! But then I was informed that "hook up" on on Laguna means to connect, or to make out or something.

I totally hooked up with Seline in the church's baptistry the other night. It was so cool...but life sucks right now...my BMW got totaled..yeah I was totally trashed, and my dad didn't get me the new XBOX 360 before the release date, so I had to play when it came out, like everybody else.
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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Currently watching
The Simpsons Season 5 DVD

So as I am sure you can probably tell, I revamped the layout and template. If you know me, as I am sure that you do, you know that I very often randomly change things. Heck, I changed my AIM sn the other day, simply because I felt like it. And I like cheese.

The other day, I was at IHOP, and I went to the restroom. In the restroom was a urinal. In most urinals nowadays, there are little plastic catch-alls with holes in them to hold the urinal cake and to catch...gum...pieces of paper, tobbacco, that sort of thing. Well, this particular one in IHOP had an inscription on it. It said, "Say no to drugs!" Like a crackhead was going to wonder into the street and use the bathroom, look down into the urinal, and suddenly have an epiphany about his life, and make a turnaround change. Ha.
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
I really dislike your family.

“What I’m hearing which is sort of scary is that they all want to stay in Texas. Everybody is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway so this (chuckle) – this is working very well for them.” – Former First Lady Barbara Bush, on the Hurricane flood evacuees in the Houston Astrodome, Sept. 5, 2005

Know this is old, but it just reinforces why I can't stand that hag Barbara Bush.
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Last call, for alcohol

Aaaaaahh...this is what dead days should be like. Waking up late and knocking back shots of Dayquil. Of course it would be more fun if there was no Dayquil involved, but hey, who am I to stand in the way of evil germs trying to take over my body?
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Monday, December 05, 2005
Stop ranking my nard.
Isn't this an awkward picture!?!?!?!CLick on it and make it big. She has something weird goin on all up in her lip and eye region. Like someone photoshopped and made her lips bigger, and her eyes are really awkward. We came up for all types of names for stuff last night at our party. In addition to "awkward turtle" we now have:

Awkward Moose

Awkward Cow (moo!)

Awkward Arm

Awkward Lesbian (my personal fave)

and since we have Awkward Lesbian, we have to have

Awkward Gay

awesome. By the way mom and dad, I'm really gothic, in case you didn't know. (funny joke, you dont get it)
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Sunday, December 04, 2005
Girls talk about the booty too. (Thats right)

Currently listening to:
Girl Talk
by TLC

So I'm not really listening to that song. I'm too tired to. But I am getting slightly sick which sucks big time. My right nostril is clogged up and leaking more than usual, which may or may not be a bad thing - I'm leaning towards the former.

Finals week. Last day of class is tommorow, I have a ridicoulously easy Theatre test and an Eng paper due, then CL interview, and then I can rest. Dead week (which is actually two days) starts on Tuesday, and (guess what) ends on Wednesday.

Huh. I just took some Airbore. Here's a review from it on Epinions:

Airborne is a miracle worker. I first started taking airborne a couple of weeks ago when I was deathly ill with the flu. I know the directions say to take it at the first sign of a cold, but I took it in the middle of my flu. I took one cup at night (with heated water so it tasted like tea) and within two hours it had eliminated my fever. I slept on it and the next morning, it cleared up my congestion, I could finally breathe through my nose. The following day I was much, much better. And the ginger helps so much since cold medicine makes my nauseous. It was so nice taking something that I was able to keep down. Ever since then every time I feel a scratch in my throat or start feeling the pressure behind the eyes, I turn to airborne. I have a feeling I wont be sick anymore this winter!

So hopefully, itll work for me. Im goin to bed. Holla.

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Currently listening to
by Destiny's Child

Sup kiddies.

Ok, so for the last 7+ years, after I have woken up, I (1) squint blearily into the mirror, (2) do one of those big stretches that people do on tv (you know..."aaaaaaaaaerrrrraaaaaghhhh), and then (3) put in my contact lenses, and (4) brush my teeth. It is important for me to do the last two in order, because I don't like putting in my contacts with wet hands, which brushing my teeth and rinsing off the toothbrush would inevitably lead to.

I changed my screen name. I hope you like it...I would post it on here, but there are too many crazy people out there...and if you have to ask yourself, "what does he mean by that?" then you are exactly the type of person that I am trying to prevent from accessing my personal AIM screen name. Meh, you can find it on the facebook anyway.

Had a good time tonight. Since I am friendless, I didn't have anything to do until like 8:00, but then I went to Kelsey and Jenne's and I had the funnest time ever. It was really really bad A, and I had just about the greatest time ever. I met lots of new people, and as we all know that is my favorite thing ever. We also went around caroling, and got ugly looks from some kids next door playing Dungeons and Dragons. It was weird...didnt Dungeons and Dragons go out of style in like 1986?


And thanks for that comment Nathan...I know see that it was a chain and not a man bag....by the way, which Nathan is it? Cuz if its the Nathan I'm thinkin of (wit that camera) then thats pretty bad awesome, cuz ya rock.
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Thursday, December 01, 2005
Lyp Syncing 101

For all who feel the urge, enroll in the Lohan-Duff course of lyp syncing....is that guy looking up her skirt? Cause thats what it looks like.
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