Thursday, August 31, 2006

So, Baylor Bookstore is trash. Wanna know why? Sure, I'll tell you.

(1) They jack their prices up like crazy. Understandable for a school bookstore, but dang, a 60% increase is not good business.

(2) What happened to me yesterday.

OK, so I finally got my VISA check card from Bank of America. I had to get one because they basically own the school, and Bank of America ATMs are the only ones on campus, so I finally gave in and got one, because ATM fees are too dang high.

I should have gotten my backs, say, i dunno TWO WEEKS AGO when school started, but all my money was on that card, and until I had that, i was peniless. Broke. A pauper. Toni Braxton. You get my drift.

So I finally get my little card and go to town, buting books that I need, and all that jazz. I get to the novel I need for my ethics class, On Personality, by Peter Goldie. There is only one book left, and it looks a bit wore out. You know how when you read a paperback, the spine is a bit wrinkled, and the front cover wont stay down? Well, it was like that.

So I asked a passing saleslady if the book was new or not, because it had no USED sticker on it. Our conversation went like this:

ME: Excuse me, ma'am, is this book new? It doesnt have a sticker, but it looks like its been used.

LADY: Its new.

ME: Are you sure, it looks a bit worn.

LADY: Trust me, its new.


So I buy it, then take it back to the desk and Galan starts looking through it and sees that its all highlighted and penciled up. So I take it back to the store not two hours after I had bought it. I get in line and arrange it so that I don't get the lady I talked to before, but she is next to the cashier, and hears everything.

LADY #2: Can I help you?

ME: I sure hope so...I just bought this book, and paid a new price for it, but I just found out it was used, see (I show her the marked up pages)

*brief pause*

LADY: Well, I don't know...you really should have looked at it before you bought it.

It was all I could do to keep my peace. I almost went off, but after talking to different managers and textbook peple, I finally got my lil 5 dollars back.

Now you might say, "What is five dollars to you? It isnt even that much money?"

Listen to Beyonce:

I don't think you do. So you and me are through.
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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Stupid School.

Stupid Campus Living and Learning.

(Ok, j/k on that last part.)

So, here's the thing about being a CL (RA). Because you work with the people you live with, and the people you live with are the people you work with, you have this tendency to get darn cliquey. Not neccesarily a bad thing, but it becomes an issue (for me, at least) when the only conversations I 've had in the past week are about my residents and CL&L.

Our clique even has a Facebook group. And the fact that I called it a clique is retarded. Clique.
We basically hang out all the time...once again, not a bad thing because they are dannng cool. But every now and then I make a conscious effort to GET OUT OF THE DADGUM BUILDING. Its like a freeking fortress.

So, my computer is having some issues, I will ship it to Gateway to get the sound card fixed once my brand new Bank of America Visa Check card comes in the mail tommorow....and I get a mailbox. Stupid Baylor didn't have a mailbox for me for some reason. How teh gay is that?

And how teh gay is the fact that I've just said "teh gay" twice (now three) in two sentences?


My dorm room is awesome - excuse me, ahem, residence hall room (darn you CL&L!) is awesome, but the beds suck. In Martin the furniture was moveable and the bed rested against the wall, making sort of a headboard. Here they are conected to the desks, and its not comfortable. Plus I have ants. Dangit.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
You know what I hate? When you read the back of a book and instead of there being a synopsis of the novel or reviews of it, there are reviews of some of the journalists works. Why would I buy "Red River Down" if I wanted to read about the mans previous work, "Dwontown Julie Brown" or whatever the hay he is pimping that day?

To all who are reading this over at thefacebook.com, come check out the orginal page, http://deandre.blogspot.com

-Peace Chiruns
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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Sushi from WALMART?
Seeing as though my life is basically a revolving door of reality television, i got to thinking about something as I watched "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" on Sci-Fi (which is actually a decent how, IMO) - how bad would it suck to be the guy that got kicked off, or left for a stupid reason?

There was that hag Cassandra in Next Top Model, I think Cycle 5 or something, who whined about having her hair cut and dyed, even though she looked alot better afterwards. So she cried and weeped, until Mr Jay told her that she could go on and step if she wanted to. And she did.

She said something about how she wasnt going to let anyone walk all over her....Ummm isnt that the reason your on Top Model? Not to let someone walk over you, but to give you direction? I thought finally there was a smart mom when Cassandra was on the phone and her mom said, "Think about this...hair grows back" in sort of a oh-my-god-you-are-stupid-how-did-you-come-out-of-me way.

The next was on "Who Wants To Be a Superhero" where whats-his-face was eliminated in the first 35 seconds, when there was an undercover "mole" who exposed some things they said behind the scenes. Apparently he wanted to sell action figures of his superhero, and superheros (according to Stan Lee) don't do that ish. There would be a picture, except he really did get kicked off in like the first 35 seconds and I cant remember his name.

Then there's Keith from PR3. Oh Keith, we hardly knew ye's squinty eyed head roll. Keith was caught with instructional how-to books, which, as the contestants (KAYNE) pointed out, are totally illegal. Too bead he was one of the best, even with his weird attitude and awkward comments (Laura's BAD MOMMY. I had a GOOD MOMMY).


Oh, and I went to Wal-Mart today, and they had remodeled and gotten all this new stuff, and at the entrance was this sign that said, "NEW! Sushi..from WALMART" and I exclaimed very loudly, catching the attention of the elderly receipt checker/greeter, that who in their right mind would buy sushi from Walmart? That was until I saw the free samples of it set out, and hey, who am I to turn down a free sample? It was pretty good, but I gotta tell ya, Ive been feelin kinda gassy since I ate it *burp*

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