Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Another New Podcast! Prostitots and Vacancy!

Another new podcast! And with a guest podcaster!

And were talkin about....the word "prostitot" which I heard for the first time in my Mass Media and Pop Culture class. I gave my friend Patrick a ring and we talked about the word "prostitot." And the DVD Vacancy. Which was really bad, by the way.

Check out Patrick's blog under my links section!

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New Podcast!
Here's the latest podcast!

And we're talking about... Girls who wear volleyball shorts and sweatshirts. Its fun! Listen!

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Canada is Awesome/Horrible
There are so many reasons to love Canada. I imagine it is very seasonal and lovely up there, health care is supposed to be great, and there is very little risk of dry-by shootings. Thats where Jim Carrey is from. And you get to hear their lovely accents. Aboot! Eh! Oooh, and no Bush!

But lets take a moment to talk about the horrible side of Canada.The fact that they should be called Canadans notwithstanding, and cute accents aside, Canada does have some pretty important issues. Like these PSAs. Now, apparently these are for work-related accidents, but they are pretty hardcore. I hope they don't show this on Nickelodeon. Canadian Nickelodeon.

Wrong, honey. Unfresh.

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Pop Locking for Jesus. Unfresh.

Hmmm, these girls opened up a Youthful Praise Concert recently.

They are wearing fur coats, and matching ponytails. Now, whats up with the ponytails? Buying your hair at the 99c store is not whats hot, yo.

They must have watched "Upgrade U" and tried to steal Beyonce's fur coat and big fat dookie braid look. A look which, mind you, was real hot in '93.

Now, there is nothing wrong with a little pop locking, I'm not even going to front and act like I never have. But come on, at the end of a church song? While you are wearing a fur coat? And a 40c dookie braid ponytail? Come on, now. Make sure you watch at about 4:19 when the pop locking goodness begins. Unfresh.

eta: Pop locking begins when there is about 1 minute left.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Not going to class. Ever.
So I'm not going to Swahili today.

In addition to being ill, I really don't understand the homework. I never thought I'd be embarrassed to speak in class until I started my foreign language.

You sit there, and try to make sure that you have the sentence right when he calls on you. And if you're me and you really don't understand what he was talking about in the first place, you stumble around saying "Nina fundisha....sumaki" which I'm pretty sure means "I am learn fish."

I am very ready for Christmas break. I just got back from home, and I'm ready to leave, and just sleep a whole lot. Thats what I'm about.

One of the primary functions of holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas is to consume food and sleep. So thats what I'll be doing.

I started this blog 3 (can you believe it?) years ago. How crazy is that? When I began, and wore my hair in a bald fade and had just had my first ACL repair surgery on my knee. Now I'm in my junior year of college, and much is different.

For instance, I am slowing working up a debt of an excess of $100,000! Aint that grand! Thanks, Baylor!

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It's DeAndre, Snitch
Yes, yes, I know, its been awhile (almost a year) but I decided to come back with some heat for you people! Cause I know you loves it so much.

Right now I am actually kind of sick. I'm getting over it but my head is still hurting a bit. I should be at the radio station right now working, but I really don't feel like it. Plus I have Swahili homework.

Speaking of, Swahili = not as easy as everyone thinks. Everytime I say to someone, "Hey, I'm in Swahili!" They are all, "It's so easy isn't it!"

It's probably not as difficult as Spanish at Baylor, but it's still pretty difficult..I mean, its an entirely new language.

I digress.

On to unfreshness! Which is a bit old at this point, but I figured someone would get a kick out of it. This is Beyonce performing at the AMA's with some random country lady, and I'm not gonna lie, she sounds a hot funky mess.

What keeps getting me is the way home girl is struggling to hit those notes. "Ha-haa-ha-ha-hee-he-hayiyayayayya."


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