Saturday, January 29, 2005
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So as I sit her at my desk watching Iron Chef, I think it is so weird what we Americans steal from Japanese people. Iron Chef is a funny show to me, but I didn't start liking it until Iron Chef America came out, and I wasn't so put off by the horrible voice-overs.

Since I last really sat down and typed, a lot has happened. Senior One Acts have come and gone, and I auditioned for the UIL OAP this last Friday. I think I did well, but hey, there's only one black guy in the play, and being virtually the only black guy in the department, I really don't think I have very much of a problem, lol.

The stupid senior research paper is really getting on my nerves. For those of you who don't know what the research paper is here are some specs

- pick a saying, or "maxim". Mine is "what goes around comes around.
- Pick a short story
- Find two different literary criticisms about it
- write a 3-5 page paper about the story, how it relates to your maxim, and how each of the criticims critique your story, and include an Annotated Bibliograpgy and Works Cited.
-Repeat the above steps with a poem, a movie, a piece of artwork, and a novel.

It sounds somewhat easy, but it really isn't. We got one free rewrite, and on that draft I got a 25. No kidding, A 25. WHo gives a 25?

OMG, the ingredient they are using on Iron Chef is potatoes, one of my favorite tubers. Brett eats potatoes like some people eat bannanas (?).

Anyway, I've been hanging out at Morgan Clyburne's house alot. That's kindof random but shes cool most of the time. And I like Arielle and Jake.

Dallas was a LOT OF FUN. We left on Yuesday, drove up her and stopped at this place called Sam's. I really didn't like it very much. Everyone told us to stop there, that it was ssoooooo great, but I didnt find it that awesome. Then we got to Dallas, saw SMU, and went to a Mall. We walked into Neiman Marcus and saw some $800 purses. $800! And they weren't even that nice looking. Then we checked into the hotel and watched TV. The hotel was reall nice. Taylor (the publishing company) had like, priority rooms, so they were all really nice, on the 20th floor. That night, Hal (our rep from the company) took us to Dave and Buster's and we had dinner and played a lotta games. It was so coo, because taylor payed for the meal and $20 cards (you know, those cards that you use at Main Event and stuff). The next day it was off to the actual plant, where we got a tour of the plant and got our cover made. It looks soooo good. The guy (who like had tattoos and looked like he rode a Harley or something and was actually really cool) was like , "What do you guys want it to be?", we told him, and within an hour, we had a cover for our yearbook. It was really cool.

OK, thats all for now, Its Saturday niht, I just got back from hangin with Stepg, Mandi and Brett, and I'm kinda beat. TTYL.
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Thursday, January 27, 2005
Its been a long time
Yeah, we havent seen each other in a while, its my fault.
Ive been really dang busy doing just a lotta junk with theatre and yearbook and stuff. I promise Ill write more later, but i just don't feel like it now. Lata.
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So DeAndre', what are you gonna do today?
So DeAndre', what are you gonna do today?
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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
I'm sick of being unappreciated.
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Saturday, January 08, 2005
Easy like Sunday Mornin'
Too bad its not Sunday its Saturday, and I had to be at the church at 10. I was really tired and my leg hurt and my voice was all scratchy from the game last night. I guess since its for the Lord.......lol

Anyway, I've been feeling really tired lately, could it beeeee....stress? Quite possibly.


Just seeing if you were awake, b/c i'm not. I'm going to bed boyz n girlz.

Nitee Nite
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Friday, January 07, 2005
Wild Hog Alert!!! (And I'm not Talking About Elissa!)
After the game tonight (we won, btw - we beat Huntsville down and the score was like 50 - 30 or sonething) Mama, Daddy and I were driving home, and as we turned into one of the subdivisions, my Dad was like, "Look at that - over there". There was a wild hog munching away at the "Imperial Oaks Estates" sign. Wow. Now we know what dug up our front lawn the other day.

The week overall was pretty good but way to long (and stressful). We had an AP Government quiz which I'm pretty sure I got a 12 on. The only consolation is that I'm positive that I'm not the only one who did badly.

I'm really happy, though, because if you'll remember, back on the day of the Homecoming dance, the morning of, me, being the procrastinator I am, went out to buy a new pair of dress socks (not that I didnt have any, I just wanted some more)and while I was there, I saw THE BEST HAT, sort of a cross between a beanie and a cap, with a visor. So I bring it home all happy and excited, put it on my dresser and get ready for the dance. Went to the dance, and came back to find that my mother had cleaned up my room. Why she did this, I had no idea why; she waited 17 years to ever do something like that, and in the process, she lost my hat (that rhymed) and I was sad. So now I've found it after 3 months. Rejoice!

OK im going to bed now. I have to wake up tommorow morning early for choir rehearsal. Grrrrrrrrrr. I like sleep. It is my friend.

G'night peoples, in the words of Brett, "hang loose" (whatever that means).
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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
School, School, School
So we came back to school on Monday, much to my dismay. I am sooooo glad I only have 5 more months of this and then I graduate.

Newayz, we haven't seen each other in a while, how are you? I am fine, thanks.

My break was as good as a break can be without actually doing anything. The only real goodtimes of my Christmas holidays was doing junk with Brett. I am a geek and NEVER really do any kind of normal stuff, like just hang out, and my good buddy Brett was nice enough to help me around in my be-crutched state.

Also over the break I lost my dadgum wallet. I left the house like once to go pick my sis up from basketball practice and I lost it. I had my entire life in there - Student ID, Driver's Licence, and some money (I know, its sad that thats my entire life). GRRRRRRR. Now I have to go to DPS and get a new one. I've been driving illegally for like the past week.

The only good thing about being on crutches at school is that I have a handicap parking spot. When they renovated the school last year they added like 20 new handicapped parking spots. Unfortunately, only like 3 students in the entire school can use them year round.

Bwah. School is so BOOOOORING.
At least I'm not like this one guy I know, who's entire life revolves around ONE thing, and he sucks at it. I mean really. Its funny, because he tries really hard, but like everybody else in the entire world is better than him. This person also seems to believe that he and I are really good friends. Unfortunately he is sadly mistaken.
He'll like say something to me and I'll be all "Shut up, I hate you", and he'll go "Hahahaha, You're so funny DeAndre", and I'll be like, "No, I'm serious. I can't stand you".
He just doesn't seem to get the hint. One time he came and sat next to me and I got up and moved.

I'm suprised he didn't follow me.

The girl's lost to Klein last night by 10 points. I was really angry because we could've won the game but the girls just made 5 mistakes too many.

My leg is really freaking numb. I have no idea why, but its been numb since the surgery. That doesn't seem to be a good thing...

I bid you all adieu. Goodnight.

Music Mood: I Can't Stand the Rain" by Missy Elliot
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