Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Me and The Water's Really Deep Out Here

Go here and laugh. If you get my humor, you'll laugh, if not, you are a loser and God doesn't love you.
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Me and Bedroom Boooooooooom

Yeah, so we saw 4 Brothers last night...it was awesome....for 50 cents!!!!!! Here's us at the theatre.

At the beginning of the movie, this random dude just ran around the theatre, with his hands up screaming. Then he sat down with his friends and laughed. That was pretty odd.

The movie itself was really good, but as the final credits were rolling, I realized one thing: The main characters are bad people.

There's been this trend recently in movies where there is sort of a blur between good guy/bad guy. *Possible Spoilers Ahead* I mean, in the first half hour, Tyrese and Mark Wahlberg kill these two guys, basically for nothing...well, it was for something, but they weren't really positive that it was something...you know what I mean. And theres this scene where Mark Wahlberg and Andre' 3000 go to this High School basketball game with guns, stop the game, and try to get info for their mother. Ok, I realize this was the projects (as someone who spent the former part of his life in the projects) but there are no policemen within 20 minutes of the high school. They are there for a good minute, and still no one even tries to stop them. They come in waving guns, and no one even leaves. They are just like, dang...i wanted to see the game.

Meh, check out this pic of me.

OK, I posted this on tha Facebook, and people have been accusing me of changing my eye color with photoshop. While I do wear contact lenses (since the 5th grade baby), the contacts aren't blue, They are gray. I, unfortunately am very poor, so I wear my 2 week contacts for longer than two weeks. Much longer. This leads to the contact getting thinner and sort of changing colors. As you can see, my eyes are the same color in both photos, the only thing thats diff is that the one on the left is black and white cept for the eyes. I'm really cute tho, huh.

Today I took my camera to mentoring. We have such a grrreat time. Here's my mentee:

He's just like I was when I was little...except more, um, badder. The kids were supposed to go bowling today, but the bus broke down...they went wild. They were SO dissapointed. For more pics and pics like this, check out my Facebook Photobucket. Click on it. You know you want to.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Me and The Book of Faces

Listening to:
Myself think.
Why: because my roomates are sleeping and I am courteous to others.

So tonight is.....50 Cent Movie Night!

What I will see, I don't know, but you can guaruntee that it will be kickawesome because it only costs 50 Cents! W00t.

So last night, I came to terms with some stuff that I needed to deal with. We had like a 40 minute prayer session at HV, and I'm tellin yall - Prayer changes things. I am most definately living proof of that, and God will step in whenever you need him to.

Yesterday me, ThatGirlNamedKatie, Sarah, who apparently I know, but completely forgot, and this coolcat named Seth Hale went to Wally World to snack up on our vast supply of pregnancy tests...you know...just in case. Anyway, I got:

Cream soda, Capri Suns, Tea, Pop Tarts, some Lil Debbie snackcakes, and other assorted goodness.

Katie Pluhoski, on the other hand got: Liqour. Lots and lots of liqour.

Speaking of, on the way out, there's this crotchety looking woman with a table outside of Wal-Mart. She asks me and Katie if we would sign a petition to bring liqour into her dry county. We were like...ummm, we don't drink. And the lady was all, "Well, it benefits everyone." We sort of backed away and went to the car.

I'm like, Miss, (I thought this) if you really want to get your drink on, you need to drive the five minutes over to Waco (apparently you don't have a job, because you have time to be gapin and loungin around Wal-Mart all day) and buy your beer. She drove over here to set up her petition, she should just stock up. I mean, thats what Katie does. Anyway, as we were walking away, she asked a woman with 4 kids to sign it. The woman looked at her like she was crazy and walked off. Good for her.

As we drove off, I managed to get a candid picture of her, sneakily through the car window. Mu haha.

You can see chronicles of my life on The Facebook, which is really cool. Go to this link and you can see my photo albums without being a memeber of Facebook. Go on, you know you want to.

So the best thing about the competition between XuQa (another Facebook type thing) and The Facebook, is that their competition leads to better things for the consumer. Economics 101. For all those who are painfully uncool and gauche, XuQa is this new Facebook alternative. My friends and I have deemed it "dirty Facebook" because basically, you have an account (like facebook), but you can buy and sell things (online fake things - like roses, a stereo) to show someone you like them. But where they are dirty is that they have Anonymous blogs.

Well, we soon find out what happens once you give college students anonyminity (as if I even just spelled that word right). You get HUNDREDS of anon blogs that are "I hate Niggers", "[Screw]* Me!" "Girth vs Length" and "Black People Suck. Lets Kill Them!". I kid you not. Straight from the blog roll. Ugh. And then there are this section for you to post "Party Pics". Basically, an outlet for dirty people to post pics featuring them getting drunk, shower parties, girls making out with girls and basically X-Rated photos. The Facebook responded to this by adding a Photo feature to their site, which I must say is pretty badace. (by the way, the "male female" symbol to the right is one of XuQa's logos, in case you were wondering what on Earth ever possesed me to randomly put that up,)

The oddest thing is that at the page opener, it says:

XuQa, pronounced as "Zoo-kah" is the most expansive college social network in the United States with more than 6000 universities, community colleges and technical schools. You can find friends, upload 5.0 GB of photos, explore potential hookups, and rant on thousands of college blogs.

How is this even possible? On Facebook, I have 500+ friends, 300 of which go to my university. On XuQa I have about 8. Thats because like no one in the world knows what it is. That means that they are lying. LYING. My devotion stays with the book of faces because its not dirty, raunchy, and, er, lie-y like XuQa. WHO CAME UP WITH THE NAME XUQA ANYWAY!?!?! Thats just weird.

eta: We are seeing 4 Brothers! It should be off the heeezy...as long as I don't get shot. Def should try not to get shot.
Oh yeah! There was also some random controversy about whether or not you have to have a blogspot acount to comment. You don't! So leave as many as you want! It takes about 13 seconds!
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Friday, October 21, 2005
Me and...KABBALAH!!!!!!

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Whatever it Takes (DeGrassi Theme Song)

So, after writing the post directly before this one, I did a lil' research on Kabbalah -ism. Pretty crazy ish.

The Red String protects us from the influences of the Evil Eye. Evil Eye is a very powerful negative force. It refers to the unfriendly stare and unkind glances we sometimes get from people around us. According to Kabbalah, the critical need to confront the problem of negative influences cannot be underestimated. Kabbalah teaches us that we can remove intrusive negative influences by using tools such as the Red String!

So I'm assuming that there are people who walk around us, strangers, I suppose, and think bad thoughts about us for no good reason. Wow, that sucks. And these bad thoughts are reflected or something when we wear red strings around our wrists. So like, what would be cool is if the string intercepted all the Evil Eye energy and stored it, so that you could use it to shoot out powerful lightning beams from your wrists at your enemies. Its like:

Oh no! That Quizno's sub worker just thought a really bad thought about me!

I summon upon the powers of the Kabbalah red string!!!!

Red String - Activate!

*sfx: metal clanking, the roar of a tiger, and numerous clicks*

Kabbalah Red String: Take that! And that! And some of this! How about a side of this!

The red string shoots out a burning energy onto the one that has done me wrong and fries them like an onion ring, but with a less pleasent odor (as is showed by the smoke).

Mu ha ha.

So, you too can get your own Kabbalah bracelet for only $26! It comes with a book explaining the rules of Kabbalah-ism, and assorted chants. What I really wanna know is, who has the nerve to ask 26 dollars for a piece o string? Come on now. That string probably cost 6 cents, and when you buy your Kabbalah string, somebody is walking around with $25. 94 in their pocket.

Now before anyone gets mad because Im sort of making fun of Kabbalahism, (because some random girl got mad that I reffered to someone as Hispanic - I'm still strugglin wit that one) I really have no idea what it is. If you wanna let me know exactly what Kabbalahism entails, leave me a comment.
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Me and Tha 'Roe

Currently listening to:
Calling my Name
by Hezekiah Walker

I am home! w00t! Get busy!

We left yesterday at aboot :30 and got here by 6. This weekend has been awesome thus far, because all I do is sleep. Unfortunately, it is as boring as sin, so I have no idea what I'm gonna do with myself. I mean, Waco is boring, but Conroe when you're the only person on break? Completely and utterly boring.

Good news! Got my camera back..you know, the camera I left in the yearbook room, say a million years ago? I have found it, and am taking pictures of everything that I can, get ready for random pictures through out this post, cuz you're gonna get em.

Me winking sexily.

And so, I get home and my dads all, "Hey son, guess what. I got a new car, I'm bringing it home right now." He has a FLY new car. I don't even know what it is, it is just an old school pimpmobile. Man, I hope that when I have my mid-life crisis that I am rich so I can by freakishly nice things like my pa. (just kidding about that mid-life crisis thing - i just want a new car)

What else...went by the Yearbook room, they are working hard...hehehehe. While I am on the subject of high schoolers, the stankness of these young females. It seems as though Oak Ridge's atheletes have had their myspace privaleges revoked, because my good friend Principal Tommy Johnson (or TJ - we are tight like that) got a myspace account and saw that some of the student atheletes had pictures of themselves in thongs, just all naked and stank online, so the coaches are told now to tell the atgheletes not to use myspace - they can get kicked
off the team for it.

Its about time. The stankness of some of these young females is unsettling. Some of them (and yes I am looking at some of yall in Academy of SciTech) openly discuss their promiscuousocity on their blogs. With no shame. And no tact. Hmmph. I tell you da troof...

Moving along -

Oops. This is a pic of me sleeping in the PT while waiting for my mom to emerge from the school. And looking sexy while doing it, might I add.

Heyhey, some controversy thats somewhat old, but hey, its probably new to you, is that in the movie Guess Who featuring that oddman Ashton Kutcher and my distant relative Bernie Mac, they spent $100,000 to digitally erase the red Kabalah string from his arm. 100K. That is so much money. The story has it that they filmed all the film with the string, and then showed it to a test audience, and they were like 'SATAN WORSHIPING. SATAN WORSHIPING!" so they spent One Hundred Thousand dollars to digitally erase it.

Dagum. Thats a lot of money. But why didn't they just tell him to take of the stupid little string at the begining of filming?? I can't imagine them going throughout the whole thing and then they get to the editing room and say, "Whats that on his hand?! J-Jim, did you authorize that? Cause I sure didn't." I guess thats what happens when you worship A PAGAN GOD, SINNERS! STOP SINNING, YOU SINNING SINNERS!!!
OK, just kidding, I actually have no idea what Kabalah stands for or what your supposed to do with it. It does sound like a nice soup though. Like it would have cabbage in it.

Wow, this is really funny, go here, read, and have a good night.

"See, that right there is a bold-faced lie. Paris Hilton is a constant threat to everyone's welfare, minors included. After all, the girl's like the Pepé Le Pew of venereal diseases. She walks down the streets, and suddenly all the flowers have wilted and all the children she's passed begin to feel a burning sensation when they pee. Though, to her credit, the whole incident may just have been one of those classic Pepé Le Pew misunderstandings. She probably just mistook the kids for Lindsay Lohan after they unknowingly sat on a bench freshly painted with [hooker]."


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Thursday, October 20, 2005
Me and Oh! Sista Sista!
Found this on someone's Facebook....so true.

***Be BLACK and PROUD!!***

It seems that an article was written to Sister 2 Sister magazine by a Caucasian woman who requested a response from black men. I'm so glad she got what she asked for (and more) !!!
Dear Jamie:
I'm sorry but I would like to challenge some of your Black male readers.
I am a White female who is engaged to a Black male-good-looking, educated and loving. I just don't understand a lot of Black female's attitudes about our relationship.
My man decided he wanted me because the pickings amongst Black women were slim to none. As he said they were either too fat, too loud, too mean, too argumentative, too needy, too materialistic or carrying too much excess baggage.
Before I became engaged, whenever I went out I was constantly approached by Black men, willing to wine and dine me and give me the world. If Black women are so up in arms about us being with their men, why don't they look at themselves and make some changes.
I am tired of the dirty looks I get and snide remarks when we're out in public. I would like to hear from some Black men about why we are so appealing and coveted by them.
Bryant Gumbel just left his wife of 26 years for one of us Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, the model Tyson Beckford, Montell Williams, Quincy Jones, James Earl Jones, Harry Belafonte, Sydney Poitier, Kofi Anan, Cuba Gooding Jr., Don Cornelius, Berry Gordy, Billy Blanks, Larry Fishburne, Wesley Snipes...
I could go on and on. But, right now, I'm a little angry and that is why I wrote this so hurriedly. Don't be mad with us White women because so many of your men want us. Get your acts together and learn from us and we may lead you to treat your men better. If I'm wrong, Black men, let me know.
Disgusted White Girl, Somewhere in VA

Dear Jamie:
I would like to respond to the letter written by A Disgusted White Girl.
Let me start by saying that I am a 28-year old black man. I graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in Atlanta, Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management. I have a good job at a major corporation and have recently purchased a house. So, I consider myself to be among the ranks of successful black men.
I will not use my precious time to slander white people. I just want to set the record straight of why black men date white women. Back in the day, one of the biggest reasons why black men dated white women was because they were considered easy.
The black girls in my neighborhood were raised in the church. They were very strict about when they lost their virginity and who they lost it to. Because of our impatience to wait, brothers would look for someone who would give it up easy without too much hassle. So, they turned to the white girls.
Nowadays, in my opinion, a lot of brothers date white women because they are docile and easy to control. A lot of black men, because of insecurities, fears, and overall weaknesses, have become intimidated by the strength of our black women. We are afraid that our woman will be more successful than us, make more money than us, drive nicer cars and own bigger houses. Because of this fear, many black men look for a more docile woman. Someone we can control.
I have talked to numerous black men and they continuously comment on how easy it is to control and walk over their white women. I just want to set the record straight. I want A Disgusted White Girl to know that not all successful black men date white women.
Brothers like Ahmad Rashad, Denzel Washington, Michael Jordan, Morris Chestnut, Will Smith, Blair Underwood, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Samuel L. Jackson, and Chris Rock all married strong black women And, to flip the script, there are numerous white men, in and out of the spot light, who openly or secretly desire black women over white women. Ted Danson, Robert DeNiro, and David Bowie to name a few.
I just don't want a disgusted white girl to be misinformed Stop thinking that because you are white that you are some type of goddess. Remember, when black Egyptian Queens like Hatsepshut and Nitorcris were ruling Dynasties and armies of men in Egypt, you were over in the caves of Europe eating raw meat and beating each other over the head with clubs. Read your history!
It was the black woman that taught you how to cook and season your food. It was the black woman that taught you how to raise your children. It was black women who were breast feeding and raising your babies during slavery.
It is the black woman that had to endure watching their fathers, husbands, and children beaten, killed, and thrown in jail. Black women were born with two strikes against them: being black and being a woman. And, through all this, Still They Rise!
It is because of the black women's strength, elegance, power, love and beauty that I could> never> date anyone except my black Queen. It is not just the outer beauty that captivates and draws me to them. It is not the fact that they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and shades that I love them.
Their inner beauty is what I find most appealing about black women. Their strong spirit, loving and nurturing souls, their integrity, their ability to overcome great obstacles, their willingness to stand for what they believe in, and their determination to succeed and reach their highest potential while enduring great pain, and suffering is why I have fallen in love with black women.
I honestly believe that your anger is geared more toward jealousy and envy more so than snotty looks. If this were not so, then why do you continuously go to tanning salons to darken your skin? If you are so proud to be white, then why don't you just be happy with your pale skin? Why do you continue to inject your lips, hips, and breasts with unnatural and dangerous substances so you can look fuller and more voluptuous?
I think that your anger is really a result of you wanting to have what the black woman has.
BOTTOM LINE: If I were looking for a docile woman, someone I can walk over and control, I would give you a call. But, unfortunately, I am looking for a Virtuous Woman. Someone that can be a good wife and mother to my children.
Someone who can be my best friend and understands my struggles. I am looking for a soul mate. I am looking for a sister and; unfortunately, you do not and CANNOT fit the bill.
No offense taken, none given.
Signed, Black Royalty

Hahahaha, that is rather humorous to me.

On my way home!
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Me and Random Cheerleaders, Cheerleaders Everywhere!

Currently listening to
What's Your Fantasy (Remix)
by: Ludacris, feat. Shawna, Trina, and Foxy Brown

I seem to always get caught up in the weirdest things...ok, they may not seem weird to you, but to me, they are somewhat odd. Last week or so Mfrie, Bee and I were in Wal-Mart, buying random things, and there was a girl kneeling down next to a case of Axe in her cheerleading outfit. And she was all "Hi! I'm an...AXE ANGEL!!!!!!" Where there is usually like the High School name was AXE. And she asked me, "Do you use AXE brand products?!?!" And I said.."Well....yes. Yes I do." And she replied, "Well, have you tried the new shower line? Get a whiff of this!" And she opene a bottle of the shower gel and held it under her noise and sort of moaned, "Mmmmmm," and then said, "Smell!" I did smell pretty good. Not really, "Mmmmmmmmm" good, but suitable.

Then last night I was meeting Bee out in front of Waco Hall to walk over to Sofie's, and while I was waiting, about 8 girls in Cow costumes come running out of Chapel. I'm not even kidding. Cow Outfits. Then they proceeded to stunt one of the girls, cheerleader style, into the air and then run back inside. Really.


So my last thought for the day may be disturbing to some readers. So I'll wait a minute while you tuck your children away and cover your eyes.



K, you ready?

Alright. This is to the guy on Martin 4 North who insists on using the bathroom #2 (like really, really bad number 2) in stall number 1 (the good stall) and not flushing it. The next time you are very rude and don't flush, you might not want to leave your wallet on the floor in front of the toilet, for now we know your identity and we know that yo booty is nasty.
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Monday, October 17, 2005

Currently listening to:
Lion of Judah
by Dennis Lamar

So, to everyone that has ever left a comment....THANK YOU SO MUCH! And I'm sorry that I've never responded, I just had no idea they were there..in my old system I was notified by email whenever someone left a message, but I just re-did a coupla thingies, and I had no idea you people cared aboot my life! Makes me feel ooey gooey inside...like S'Mores...

Ugh. So this morning, I was all set on having a S'Mores Pop Tart. I leave them in my freezer so they get all chewy and whatnot, and taste just delish. Yeah I just said delish, wanna make sumpthin of it? So I go to the fridge and there are NO POP TARTS IN THERE. I wanted it so bad...I needed it, and they were all gone.

So the gentleman that I am currently listening to is Dennis Lamar (or Dennis McDaniel...his CD single says Lamar, his album says McDaniel). He sang at Chapel today and one other time. He is an excellent singer, and I've waled around campus all day randomly singing, "I am THE LION OF JUDAHHHHHHHHH." His music isn't exactly Christian or Gospel, but is more Inspirational. Cop his CD, I would, but I am poor.

So I had my math test today...yeah, I studied and prayed for weeks about this test but I'm still not sure if I did well, but neither is the rest of the class, which softens the blow a little bit.

Me and Crystal were def late to church on Sunday..we thought it started at 11:00, like every other black church in the entire universe, but it didn't, it started at 10:00. It was so funny, Crystal's son, Gabe was in the backseat of the car, and I was like, "Crystal..where is Gabe's other shoe?" and she was all "Yeah, since we were running so late, I couldn't find his other shoe, and I was hoping it was in the car but - its not. If anybody asks Ima be all, 'REALLY? It must've fell off in the car or something." So we get in church, and of course, the woman next to her starts playing with the baby, and eventually she was all, "Where is his other shoe at?" and Crystal was like, "Ummmmmm...it musta fell off" and the lady started lookin all up and down the pews for it, and Crystal was like, "Um....it must be in my bag...heh heh.." Now thats funny stuff.

The oddest thing ever is when you've been seeing someone's Facebook picture for the longest time, and they are frozen in that moment. Everything you know about that person is in that photograph. If they are pretty, if they are dressed nice, if they are making funny faces, it makes you think that is what that person looks like. When you stumble upon them in real life, its a bit unsettling, because this picture that you've been looking at is now wearing a different outfit and moving and whatnot. Isn't that the weirdest feeling? Its like, this is the Facebook pic -

but this is actually what you get -

Oh Whitney...what went wrong? You used to be my homegirl....Oh well,

I am the Lion of Judah
I'll be your strength when you are weak
I'll conquer every fear
And restore the stolen years
I am all that you will ever need
I am the Lion of Judaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

so lets take a poll. Is Whitney

A) Wiping the crack smoke out of her eyes
B) Crying
C) Just comin from diggin all in her nose
D)Putting in a Contact

Leave Comments!
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Saturday, October 15, 2005
Me and My Extreme Dislike of Corn and Corn Related Products...Corn on the Cob, Creamed Corn, Corn Bread, Poppin Corn, Kettle Corn, Cornish Hen....

Currently listening to:
Till We Meet Again
by New Direction

So we totally just lost to the Nebraska Cornsuckers. That Whomps.

So I finally realized why people who get on tv act so crazy. This woman from Channel 2 comes up to us and is all "Do any of you want to give me an ainterview?" and while the guy was talking to her, we were all in the back hollerin, "We GOIN TO THA BOWL! YEAH! WE GON BE ALL UP IN THAT PIECE, FA'SHO!!!!" Just all ghetto and ignant on tv. But thats ok.

The justification of our loss was, "Hey...we may have lost...but you still live in Nebraska. NEBRASKA!" When the line was getting ready to run out, this middle aged man was like yelling at us, and I was like, "Man...you're like 48, stop pickin on us 18 year olds." Good Times.

Last night Bobby, Adam and I watched Saw. It was mad crazy yo!

*Sigh* I never have anything to do on the weekends. I could study a lot, but thats no fun. I don't really like parties, and have no interest in being around alcohol and the evils of the world, lol.

What happened to the group of people I used to hang out with? I have no idea. Fortunately, I'm the kinda guy who has more than just one core group of friend, and so I have a lot to fall back on.

I miss my friends from back home. Even though there are lots and lotsa cool people here, nothin can compare to people you've grown up with. Oh well, theres always the ten year reunion.

Here's a pic of me and Christy Looove at UpRoar. Arent we hot! I have this horrible tendency to squint my eyes in pictures, so I look like I'm sleeping. I need to work on that. Soon I'll put up my pic of me and Bruiser from the game. We look so cool.
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Friday, October 14, 2005
Me and A Bad Transaction

Currently listening to:
Friend of God
by Israel Houghton and New Breed

So I am offically poor. OK, not really poor, because I have so much more than others around me, but I went to withdraw $50 from my bank account and it said that my request exceeded my general funds. I was like, "WHAT!", but then I remembered all of my extravagant purchases...THe Desperate Housewives DVD....$42.00.....Candles for my mother from FTD.com.....$46.00 + S&H....A beverage from the SUB everyday before English class...$1.39. So I have to get to Robinson Tower and claim my $500 scholarship, and hope that they put it into my Student Account instead of paying for some other random fees. I know, I know, but its just so hard to get there without a car...the last time I went, it took me 2 hours, what with the trolly changes and whatnot. Oh well, I am Too Blessed To Be Stressed.

So the ironies in my life have finally balanced themselves out.

Irony Beaten # 1 - I skipped Theatre...AND WE DIDN"T HAVE A QUIZ!!!!! I ROCK!

Anyway, my roomates are once again out of town for some crazy reason (I think Homecoming) and I am alone. The game is tommorow! W00t everyone should come! Its going to be stupid fly fresh cool on tha serious tip!
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Thursday, October 13, 2005
Me and My Lack of Working Out

Currently listening to:
Cater 2 U
by Destiny's Child

So I am such a fat, horrible person. I'm on my THIRD A&W Cream Soda of the day, and I took a nap and overslept so I didn't get a chance to workout. Though it all worked out because I swear I broke my ankle on the treadmill. It hurts. On Tuesday when I was working out, I spent about 30 minutes lifting, and then decided to treadmill. But not downstairs around everyone else, because you know how it is.

You walk over to the one open treadmill and you start doing your usual 2.5 miles an hour. But then you look around and you see everyone else doing like 10 and not even sweating. So you try to keep up the pace, and it works for about 13 seconds, and then you die, because it is too fast. So I went upstairs so I could be fat and slow in peace, and so I'm up there really gettin it, just doin 3.3 miles, and since I don't have cute little earpod headphones, I can't listen to music, so I just close my eyes and hum to myself. Well, while my eyes were closed I must have slid to the very end of the tradmill, because I fell off it. It hurt bad.

So last night me and Bee went over to Mfrie's and Sofie's and watched Desperate Housewives Disc 3. Yeah, you know it was crunkeded up because we are just cool like that. At 12:30 thought, I was like, "ya'll, I have to go... I am so tired." And I was. But when I left, I started calling random people, as I am wont to do, because if I am attacked I can scream my location and the description of my attacker to the person on the other end of the line.

I called Katie Plu and she was like, "Me and my people's is at IHOP, you need to get there." OK, she didn't say me and my people's, but you get the idea. So I found myself completley un-sleepy for some reason and got my fine self to IHOP, where I met up with Katie, my homeboy Ben Carrol, and met this cool dude named Wade, and this cool chick who's name I knew I would never remember so I christened her "Christy Love". The cool thing about Baylor is you meet new people all the time, and most of them are really cool. Excluding the crazy ones. Because there are def crazy ones, just ask me about it, I have a few stalkers already.

While we are on the topic of desperate woman, what was Nicholette Sheridan thinking in this picture? I know its old, but...ew. She looks like someone dared her, "Hey, I bet you couldn't possibly look uglier than you usually do on the show" and she grabbed some old 1931 post-depression drapes and cut them up, and scantily wrapped them around her body and said, "Ha. take that." Eva Longoria's dress is also slightly questionable, but she is beautiful so she gets despensations from things like that.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
there are about 100 milliseconds between when the Glass falls and when it breaks.

100 milliseconds to think about what went wrong.

Good times.
laughter. the smile on a face.

Bad times.
pain. misplaced anger.

"Turn that frown upside down!"

100 milliseconds is too much. it gives too much time to think about what went wrong.

how to fix it.

the Glass is falling.

how to fix this Glass. this wonderful, perfect Glass.

what could I have done to keep the cracks from forming around the rim?

I tried so many different ways.

yelling. shouting. screaming.

shaming it until it refrained.

"Turn that frown upside down!"

still falling.

in 100 milliseconds, everything that this Glass represents will soon be broken.

shatters and shards of love lost and life lived.

no matter how hard I try, the Glass is still plummeting towards the floor, with the power of everything good and perfect pushing it.

with everything within me, I try.

I try so hard.

maybe there is still life in this Glass, maybe I can save it.

the Glass breaks.

-DeAndre' Upshaw October 11, 2005
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Me and The Ironies of My So Called Life
So here in Waco we have this lovely little thing called the Super Saver movie theatre. The Super Saver is basically a smaller movie theatre owned by the big one down the road, that shows movies that are like two or three months old (Fantastic Four, War of the Worlds, ect). Well, the best thing about it is the tickets are $1.00 before 6:00, and $1.50 after. But Tuesdays are.....SuperSuper Saver days, and that means all day, tickets are 50 cents. Yes! Two quarters, 5 dimes, 4 dimes and two nickels, 10 nickels! We saw "The Cave" last night. The movie was only alright, but for 50 cents it was great.

So I am going home next weekend, isn't that awesome? Its "Fall Break", so were leaving Thursday after classes and coming back on Sunday. I am super excited.

So as you all may or may not know, my life sucks. Let me explain to you'all the many ironies that make up this thing I call life:

First Irony - On Monday morning I woke up at 8:30. My first class is at 9:00, across campus, a 15 minute walk. The only time the instructor takes attendance is when we have a quiz or test, and since its Theatre Appreciation (which I basically took except harder my soph. year), its the easiest thing ever. Anywho, we were supposed to have a quiz last class period, but we didn't so I figure we'll have it today, so I rush and get there exactly at 9:00. Well surprise surprise, there is no quiz! Isn't that awesome! No. Because I could be sleeping. ANyway, I decide to make the nice comfy chairs in the theatre my bed for the morning, and sleep until the end of class and make a big effort to wake up when he says, "Now everybody listen to this..." but some dumb girl next to mes cell phone goes off and I don't hear it. Doesn't that whomp?

Second Irony - Well, Monday we were also supposed to take our mentees fishing (which was awesome, btw). The last time I went on an outing with the kids to the park, I was wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt,and I burnt up. It was so hot. So this time I vowed thast I would be young, hip, and cool. So I had on my Yale T-shirt and a pair of shorts, ready to go. Then I stepped outside (remeber, I was running freakishly late) and its raining. Hard. And cold. So I jave no choice but to forge half the day in shorts and a T-shirt and I froze my tail off.

Third Irony - At Penland, they have the Blue Bell Ice Cream counter, where they have all different varieties of Blue Bell Ice Cream that changes with availibility and until they run out. Well, the line was really long, but I saw that the flavors were:
Butter Pecan White Chocolate and Almond Cotton Candy Dutch Chocolate
and Birthday Cake

I really wanted that Birthday Cake ice cream. It is so good. So I waited in this loooong line (literally like 30 people) and so I got to the front, and said "Birthday Cake, please" and as I said this, the woman removed the little Birthday Cake ice cream label. I almost cried. I really wanted that, very badly. (In the picture, the arrow is pointing to the ice cream counter, which is blocked by the laughing girl's head)

Durn. The elevator makes a deep rumbling vibration on the floor everytime it moves, and its vibrating my chair as I write. I kept thinking I was having some weird gastro-intestinal problems, but in all actuality it was just the stupid eleveator. Dang YOU!!!!
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Me and Hump Day...Shcuuuuh, Get Your Mind Outta The Gutter You Know Thats Not What I Meant
Its Wednesday...if I can make it through today, then I'm home free for the weekend.
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Sunday, October 09, 2005
Me and my Photography Skillz!
I took this picture!!!!! (with professional photographer's equip. no less, at The Picture People in The Woodlands Mall...only it didn't look as dirty when I was taking it)
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Me and The Occasional Rant
Rant # 1 - Why do people refer to the parking garage that is directly next to Martin as the Penland parking garage!!?!?! Its RIGHT NEXT TO MARTIN!!!! I heard this girl talking about it one day, and I was like, there is no Penland Parking Garage, and she was like oh yes it is. I realize that maybe the same person had donated the money for both, but come on. For illustration purpose's, I have drawn this diagram -

Rant #2 - We aren't allowed female visitors in our dorms until 1. So why is it that the housekeeping people feel the need to gap around the dorms at all hours!!??! I mean, I can;t even use the restroom at 8 oclock in the morning because someones cleaning it. Now, as much as I love having a clean lavatory, wont it make much more sense to clean it, I dunno, at 10 or 11 oclock when half of the freshman class is in Chapel!?!?! I come out of my room this morning at 9:00 dressed in a wife-beater and boxers two steps into the study room to heat up my Toaster's Strudel, and lo and behold, two of the housekeeping ladies are lounging on a couch, having a talk. I was like What the...!!! And then they feel the need to try and clean the showers in the morning, and then get angry when you walk in..I mean dang, you can clean any time of day, but I need to bathe, dadgummit.
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Me and My Neck. My Back. (Uhhhhh) Jus' Like Dat.
(See music video) Just thought I'd throw that video in there to illicit some laughs. Isn't it awesomely bad? I mean, firstoff, any music video that has roughly half the lyrics edited out (and this is the clean version) is wary enough. But then you have the video shoot that cost roughly $46, because all they did was go up the street and say "Hey! Yall wanna be in a music video!?!" and they came. Then they swung by Wal-Mart and bought some hamburger patties, hot dogs, Fanta (event though we don't know its Fanta because the bottle is turned, you know, when they want to avoid lawsuits and whatnot) and some no name soda that some girl gets great pleasure in openeing. I wonder who the guy was that they paid to put nail polish on her nasty little toes. Whats with that headwrap she had on? I like headwraps, but that one was sort of ugly and loud.

This is Khia's mugshot. Aint nobody lickin that.

She is not cute.


I went back to Carver Park, and the worst of the worst happened. She saw me. If yall don't know what I'm talking about, once again ask me because its just sort of complicated to tell.

So I'm sitting in church and it was during fellowship and she just kind of walked up on me. She was like "Hey!" and then gave me this triple take. I swear she glared at me. Then she was like, "Your hair...is cute" Then she stared some more and then left. Gosh, I was like dadgum, we in the house of the Lord and you givin folks dirty looks.

I did nothing last night. Absolutely nothing. I am such a loser.
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Saturday, October 08, 2005
Me and A Lazy Day

I've been having such a good time these last coupla days. I feel all college-y and junk, just doing fun hangout stuff. Like 2 or three times a week, it seems that HV has a late night eating session at Memorial. Tonight we performed at Greater New Life's Musical and we were crunk..all 8 of us. Seriously though, we sounded pretty good. We usually have a good 25 people, but most of them are from Nigera, and this weekend was the African Students Association's big summit or whatever in Houston, so like half the choir was gone.

After the musical, me, Tika, Sintiki, Tinice, Jessica, and Lauren went to some random Chinese place to eat and we were actin the fool. We had the best time cuttin up on every single famous person in the world. It was cool though that we ate out because I allot myself one meal off campus a week, so this was it. We really started cracking up when we read our fortunes and we did the whole "in bed" thing. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well here goes.

When you get your fortune cookie, open it up and read it. For example, my fortune read "Next summer you will dance to a different beat." to this you add "in bed" to the end...no matter what your fortune is, making it "Next summer you will dance to a different beat...in bed." It is guaranteed to elicit gales of laughter from everyone present. I promise. Or your money back.

Ooooh, so after my 11 oclock class, I had nothing to do until 5:45 when we performed, so Sofie and I went to the SUB and watched Unsolved Mysteries for a good Hour and a half. It was really deep. This deranged man came into an elementary school with this bomb on a rollie cart was like "IMA KILL YALL MOTHEREFFERS" and the bomb was attached to his wrist by way of a piece of string, and if he pulled his arm far enough it would go off. Anywho, the school (which was named "Cokeville Elementary" for some reason...hmmm) was surrounded by police in moments. Anyway, the mad bomber for some reason left the room and went to the bathroom to pee or something. Before he left, he slid the string around this one teachers wrist and said "If you move your arm more than an inch it will go off and you will die mu ha ha." The second he leaves, she, being the dumb hag she is, immediately starts gesturing with her hands saying, "this is what we need to do! blah blah blah" and she is steady moving her hand and this one teacher was like "Karen!" but it was too late and the dumb heifer blew up the school. True story. Somehow everyone survived, but I secretly wanted the dumb teacher to have died, or at least have 3rd degree burns or something, They were showing interviews with the survivors, but she was curiously absent. I had hoped she was burning somewhere, but they didn't mention her anymore. Serves her right.
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Thursday, October 06, 2005
Me and...Bleh
Now as much as I love psuedo-Christian rock groups performing outside my dorm room at 10:00 at night, I think they should definately draw the line somewhere...Its feaking loud and it doesn't even sound good. Whatup wit that?

I went to the Impact meeting tonight...it was so crunk, I'm going to join their Drama Team, and their Praise Team. I love to sing, and they love my voice, so its all gravy.

My and the roomies all took simoultaneous naps at 2 oclock in the afternoon...and didn't wake up until 6. I thought it was Friday morning and I was late for my first and only class of the day.

I don't have that much to talk about, except that it sems that I'll be alone again this weekend, because the roomies are going to an FCC thing, so hit me up...I'll probably be asleep or something, lol.

Oh! I can finally go back to Carver Park..if you don't know why, ask me, I'll tell you, its a fun story.
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Me and BIN
After writing that blog, I figured it might make a good piece in BIN, Baylor's online network, so I've rewritten it in an editorial style, and added in some more info. Hope ya'll like it!

Nature hates me. How do I know? Because at every opportune moment, She tries to attack me. Whether it is with pollen that I'm allergic to, wasps that I'm allergic to, or ants that I'm allergic to. I think you get the picture; I'm just allergic to nature.

I think I know why, though. Last week or so I was walking and I saw a squirrel perched on the branch of a tree. I had a piece of tree bark in my hand, and so I playfully tossed the bark at him, figuring he would scamper away and collect some more nuts or whatever squirrels do in their free time. Unfortunately this is a Baylor squirrel and was prone to craziness. The bark hit the squirrel dead in between the eyes and it sat there for a second, and then ran around the base of the tree, and glared at me accusingly. This was a week ago, and I thought by now I would be forgiven. I was so wrong.

So I'm walking past Penland today, thinking about Heavenly Voices’(the gospel choir at Baylor) performance on Friday at a local church, and I start to sing softly to myself as I am prone to do, when suddenly I get attacked by a bee. I start hitting myself and basically look like a crazy man and swat my head over and over again. Two girls pass and give me strange looks, then continue walking. The bee finally stops its assault on my ear and I continue on my way to math.

I decide to keep on singing to myself, and as I pass Fountain Mall I get to "...we offer PRAIIIIIIIIISE" and a bug flies straight into my mouth. No lie. I start coughing, trying to spit it out and of course more people walk by me and give me strange looks. As much as I enjoy getting stared at, I figure at this point I should probably not sing anymore lest Mother Nature launch a full scale attack on me, so I just enjoy nature, and life, and the things God has given us to look at. I admire the trees, and their pecans, and because I left super early to do my homework, I have time to watch a squirrel collect some nuts. And I felt really bad about hitting that squirrel last week, so I felt I should pay extra attention to its little squirrel brothers and sisters to repay it for, you know… hitting it in cold blood.

So I get to Sid Richardson, and I am literally steps away from the building when a bee flies into my eye. MY EYE. I begin screaming and trying to expel the angry insect from my head before it can burrow deep into my cornea and cause major internal damage. I’m not entirely positive, but I think that the squirrel was laughing maniacally as I rushed in the building. I run into the bathroom where there's a dude on his cell phone talking to his girl, I guess and he doesn’t notice me at first. I furiously dig into my eye, trying to eradicate the foreign object from my eye, and then douse my pupil with water like the nurse taught me to in the fourth grade. The guy looks at me, does a double take, and then walks out.

I don't know if it came out, but now all I have to show for it is a red eye and some major pain. As a matter of fact, it might still be rolling around behind my eyeball, but hopefully not, because that would be weird. I can see that squirrel now…cackling at my expense. What’s the lesson from all this? Don’t hit squirrels…they will get major comeuppance in the end.

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Me and Nature's Attack
Nature hates me. How do I know? Because at every oppurtune moment She tries to sttack me. Whether it be with pollen that I'm allergic to, wasps that I'm allergic to, or ants that I'm allergic to. I think you get the picture, I'm just allergic to nature. So I'm walking past Penland today, thinking about HV's performance on Friday, and I start to sing, softly to myself as I am prone to do, when suddenly I get attacked by a bee. I start hitting myself and basically look like a crazy man and swat my head. Two girls pass a give me strange looks. The bee finally stops its asault on my ear and I continue on my way to math. I decide to keep on singing softly to myself, and I get to Fountain Mall and I get to "...we offer PRAIIIIIIIIISE" and a bug flies straight into my mouth. No lie. I start coughing and spit it out and of course, more people walk by me and give me strange looks. I figure at this point I should probably not sing anymore, so I just enjoy nature, and life, and the things God has given us to look at. I admire the trees, and their pecans, and because I left super early to do my homework, I have time to watch a squirel collect some nuts. Its fun, because as I earlier posted, the squirells here aren't afraid of people. So I get to SidRich, and I am literally steps away from the building when a bee flies into my eye. MY EYE. I begin screaming and trying to expel from my head before it can burrow into my cornea and cause major damage. I run into the bathroom where there's a dude on his cell phone talking. I furiously dig into my eye, trying to eradicate the foreign object from my eye, and then douse it with water like the nurse to me in the fourth grade. I don't know if it came out, but now all I have to show for it is a red eye and some major pain. So if you ever see someone going psycho, don't keep walking...they may be suffering from nature trying to kill him/her. But there are bees all over campus. Mmmmmhmm. Look at this picture. The thing in the right hand corner? BEES NEST! And those things in the background? BEES!

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Me and The Merger of Two Companies

OK, so its October like 4th and I have roughly 180 minutes left to use before October 10...so that means anybody can call me whenever they want becasue I am NOT letting Nextel/Sprint get my minutes!
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Me and Tha Magic Schoolbus...Of The Underworld
You gotta check this out, this is some funny stuff. An excerpt:

"....Once we were on the Magic Schoolbus, Ms. Frizzle gave us the emergency landing talk. "Please look around you and locate all exits. Remember, the nearest exit may be above you." We all looked up, but there weren't any exits on the roof. "In case of a water landing, you're probably out of luck, but in case you can swim you can tape your seat cushion to your back. Do not feed the rabid camels." The rabid camels lived in cages in the back. They usually stayed out of the way, but sometimes they would bite. The rocket engines fired up and the bus started moving. As soon as we were off the ground Ms. Frizzle started laughing maniacally.

"Mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! You foolish mortals! Once again you have fallen for my fiendish devices. You are helpless now and no one can help you. Your parents didn't even sign any permission slips! I own you now!!!"

Wanda spoke up. "Uh...where exactly are we going, Ms. Frizzle?"

"From now on refer to me as Jklpxc3z3lzlq, Lord of the Underworld!!!" Our teacher was mutating into an evil, deformed incarnation before our very eyes."

Go here...It's so funny I almost died...but then I remembered that would suck so I didn't.
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Me and A Beeramid

Have you ever known someone's Facebook profile to be of them and an alcoholic beverage? Do they think they are cool by showing that they are underage drinkers?

Does this get them into all the cool parties? Does it make them feel good on Sunday morning when they're at church to have their Sunday School teacher know about it because she, like everyone else in the world has a Facebook profile?


There's this girl, who on her Xanga profile (this made me laugh really hard) has where it says DO you smoke/drink? And she had No/No. I knew this was the biggest lie in the world, and I felt like alerting the media becasue thats the type of horrible person I am, mu ha ha. No really, I have PICTURES of this girl (we sort of fell out becaus she was Satan, but that's another story) getting completely trashed at this after prom party (she drank like every weekend, so prom wasn't just a one time thing) and shes just drinking, and her abusive boyfriend has a beeramid working that just gets bigger in succesive shots. Now for those who don't know what a beeramid is, its basically a pyramid of beer cans that you've drunk. This is something I've learned from my wild friends.

The thing about this girl is that she was the type of person to give Christians a bad name. Like, there was all this drama concerning her and some other people, and she was like, "I would never talk about ya'll...I'm a CHRISTIAN!" yeah right. And Whitney's not in rehab, she's just taking a "vacay."

Now because I had a lot of fun blurring out the faces in that picture, here are a couple that I think you will enjoy. I was on the red carpet and managed to snag these! Unfortunately, they were innaproprate for several reasons:

First up: The Duff imps. As pretty and sophisticated they seem, I just couldn't in good consience allow that large hook nose of Haylie's to be in the picture. Think of the uproar! Mothers would have to hide their children. Little boys would run to their mothe's skirts and weep mercifully. And Hillary's buck teeth were just to painful to look at.

Now, Paris Hilton. Really, if anyone can give me a reason why she should ven appear in public, leave me a message, becasuse why she's still alive is beyond me.

Its obvious that J-Lo needs some censors to cover up her massive derriere. Plus, her you-know-whats (we like to call them "dirty pillows" in a weird English accent after seeing Carrie) are almost visible. I don't feel the need to explain censoring her neck. I just felt like it.

Now, last Martha. Do we really need her near crafts of any sort? Shouldn't that have been her long time punishment or something? I can see it now. Judge: Martha...you have no more jail time...but if we catch you anywhere near any crafts, we will eff your skinny little behind up. Got that?" and then we would have to suffer through being around her anymore and that would be nice.
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Me and Anonymous Poster Who We'll Call Mrs. Jones
w00t!!! I gotta comment, I gotta comment (dorky, I know, but I'm going to relish in this moment)

Whichever anonymous person wrote this, let me know who you are. Don't be shamed to tell the truth and shame the devil! Yes, Lord! Oooh, He's comin in a Honda, a Honda, e coli! (Some Madea humor, for all of you who don't get it)

Hey I just read your blog and I wanted you to know that I am feeling you on this note. That chapel with rappers and their lack of audience support made me conclude that I will not stand in Chapel again. Its a shame that it seems that everytime a black person gets on the stage no one wants to give them their props. In general I don't feel wanted here as well.
You rock me like a hurricane. Oop, bad word choice.
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Monday, October 03, 2005
Me and Lactose...Mmmmmmm...Lactose
So, I think I finally like milk again. I used to like milk a lot when I was little (c',mon now..who didn't? and if you didn't like it, you really didn't have a choice) but then when I hit about 7 I decided no more milk. The thought of drinking it turned my insides. I'm not, nor was I ever lactose intolerant, I had milk on my cereal, milkshakes, Milky Ways - you know, normal milk stuff. But come home from school and have a nice frosty glass o' milk? No sir. But now, I just drank a glass of milk and rather enjoyed. Hmmm...

Last night I once again splurged and allowed yself the $5 to see Serenity, and ya know what? It was really good. I had no idea what it would be about, or who would be in it, but it was really good, and surprisingly humorous.

Gosh, today in Chapel, the students were really rude. This nun came in to talk to us about a book she wrote that was turned into a movie starring Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. Usually we get out of Chapel at about 10:40, but this woman used up her full time (technically we're supposed to get out at 10:50) and these people in the balcony just got up and left. This is like 100 people rustling and talking while she was still speaking. Then a student yelled, "Class is DISMISSED" and a whole lotta people just left before she was even finished. I was so embarrased.

In other news, someone obviously fed all the kids at Wiley Elementary School sugar before I came because they were WILD. They usually are rambunctious, but today they were just out there. I have no idea how those teachers and staff make it, becasue they were doing a number on me, and I have their respect. lol. omg. rofl. satan.

(if you didnt understand that last little sting of stuff, don't worry about it, I am slowly but surely having a nervous breakdown)
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Saturday, October 01, 2005
Me and the MPAA
I just saw The Corpse Bride and it was pretty bad-ace. For a PG movie, it was pretty darn cool, and I really enjoyed the story and plotline. Although it was really good, lets be honest: R-rated movies beat PG ones any day of the week.

Until I turned 17, I was always trying to get my R-rated movie on. That was my dream. I had to sneak into Troy with my 17 year old friends when I was only 16, and earlier than that (now that I look back I know it seems odd) my mom bought us tickets into Scary Movie 1 and 2 (gosh, she really must not have known anything about those movies). Now that I'm 18, I hardly go to any R-rated movies, and that makes me sad. Since I'm isolated from the rest of the world and have no idea whats going on on the outside (no cable and I very rarely listen to the radio, since I have two roomates and they very rarely are on the same schedule as I) I don't know what any of the new movies are, and was lost when I saw all the posters outside the theatre.

Man. I remember my first R-rated movie. It was Speed, featuring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Wow, my sister and I really relished the fact that we were in the second grade watching grown up stuff. Our parents let us, too. They raised us with the philosphy, that when it came to music and movies, that we were smart enough to filter out the bad stuff. Now before I get blasted for having terrible parents, let me tell you, my parents were the bomb, and not that, "My moms my best friend" stuff. We got beatdowns. In the supermarket, at church, on the street. And she has sons in some of the best universities in the country, and we've never been in jail, and only have 2 detentions between the three of us. Two - our entire Jr. High and High School careers (and those were attributed to one person, *cough**cough*). Well, done with my random rant. Going to bed, and then waking up tommorow (don't most people wake up, lol).

Oh! I finally got someone to braid my hair, and that is awesome. I can hardly wait.
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