Monday, May 30, 2005
What is four years? Its a long time. In the life of a teenager, its an extremely long time. I spent the longest years of my life in the psuedo-nightmare called high school, entering in the fall of 2001. Now, as we all know, I (like everyone else who reminisces on their high school career) was cool. As a matter of fact, I would like to venture and say that I was extremely cool. Of course, as I look back, I know this wasn’t the case, but at the time, I was all that. The memories that I’ve come to make in four years are ones that I'll treasure forever. Don’t get me wrong, though; for every great memory I’ve had the opportunity to experience, there have been just as many trying ones. Somewhere around my sophomore year (when I was inexplicably hit with a wave of pre-senioritis), I began to question the plausibility of forcing hordes of sleep deprived, hormonally charged adolescents to come together 5 days a week and listen to people lecture at them for seven hours. I didn't like anything around me; teachers, assignments, classmates, standardized tests, and more teachers. I began to curse the sadist who invented the school system, and especially whoever came up with the novel idea of TAKS, when I was hit with a realization (one would hesitate to call it an epiphany, as I was, after all, 15) that maybe there was some rhyme or reason to this "school" thing. Where else could you learn and socialize with 2000 other people from every background imaginable, all with thoughts so different from your own? As I walked across the stage on Saturday, I paused to look out at all of my peers, my friends, who shared in this experience we call high school. When I looked out, I saw doctors,musicians, artists, dancers, actors and physists. I realized that all of these people entered this place four years ago the same way I did, nervous, confused, and full of the ambition of what would come in the future. As I looked out at that goup of young adults, I saw 440 faces smiling back at me - faces that I was proud to call friends. This crop of students is the future. For each of the students looking back at me, there is a generation of parents, grandparents, and greatgrandparents who's dreams have become a reality. There is so much more in store for the class of 2005, its just up for us to use the last four years as a key to open the door to a future brighter than we ever imagined. So what is four years? Four years really don't matter. Its what you do after that, after you cross that stage and recieve your diploma, that matters most.
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Schools out for the summerrrrrrr
Wow, I am experiencing some gnarly acid reflux.

In other news, schools out and today is the first day of summer (ok, actually that was friday, but whos counting?)

So I start work tommorow, at CiCIs and I'm sort of nervous (ok a lot) because in the back, theres the kitchen, and the floor is always wet, and I sincerely hope that my shoes are nonslip. I have to memorize like 80 pizza toppings, and I hope I can do alright.

So I graduated on Saturday whoopdoo! Im really happy to be out of that thing we call high school and on my way to college. By the way, look out for my articles in the Villager, Im writing freelance and my for story comes out thursday I think.

Hmmmm what else?

Went to like 80 awesome grad parties, thanks for inviting me everyone. Mine's on the tenth...thats next Friday, not this, sorry if I told anybody wrong. Everybody come, its gonna be awesome.

So, in other news, there are very evil people on the planet....people who take your cellphone and swich the number of someone you like with...someone you...don't like..very much (or at all), so when you call that person you like, you're actually calling that other person. Do you get my drift? If not, call me and I'll explain in furthur detail. And to the people who did that: Be careful who you call, and make sure the number is right, because you left your cell phone unnattended for a while at your party the other night....

Thats all for now, see yall later, im off to find some Tums.
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Thursday, May 26, 2005
Pomp and Friggin Circumstance
Its been a while since I blogged and a lots been going on. Ummmm lets see, today was the very last day of my high school career. Today we had graduation rehearsal and it was the longest thing I'd ever done in my entire life, it was so boring. Then I went home and made myself some bomb pancakes because I got it like that.

Then I skipped the Senior Picnic, because why do I want to spend anymore time with a group of people I really dislike? Just kidding, most of the kids are okay, but some of them just plain suck. Then I laid on the couch and slept and woke up and slept some more and then went to hang out with brett, and ended up at Jake Tinsley's party. I love Jake, and the party was alright, but I left at about 11:00, because it was just too wild for me. Then I came home after having a mild disagreement with someone I like and wrote this.

Since last week...

At senior awards night I recieved he Senior Service award and that was really bad-a (especially the 750 dollar scholarship that went with it). Oh yeah, I got a job. Starting Tuesday, I will be a busboy at CiCi's pizza, slowly moving my way up into the ranks of server, and then greeter. Ooooh, I'm apart of the working class, bwahahaha. So I get to dress in all black now, and find some non-slio shoes.

I also got that freelance writing position at The Villager. I got an email from the editor and she wants me to write an article about graduation. $35 an article, so awesome. Thatll help out during the summer, along with my "day" job. Mkay, graduation is Saturday, if you're going you're going, if you're not your not.

Has anyone ever noticed that....

White Girls + Alcohol = Spontaneous Lesbionism?

Just a thought....

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Blog !
So yeah, I know everyones been waiting to see whats going on in my life and whatnot (hahaha, Katti), but I've been busy doing a whole lot of nothing. See, I was recently diagnosed with senioractis itacdtis, which is a fun way of saying senioritis. Luckily, I got it a just the right time, because there is no more work to do in High School. Really, all I do all day is work on the yearbook and watch movies in all of my classes. I've spent a uttload of time on Market Street too - I went on Friday after the Yearbook Banquet (which rocked, btw - it was on a boat and we broke it down all proper-like) with Arielle and Jake, and we ate at Coldstone. It was good. Saturday, I went to a movie with Brett, Mandi, Sherrie, and Erica, but Shiree got sick during the movie and left. It was Unleashed, with Jet Li and it was really good. Then afterard we went (you guessed it!) to Coldstone on Market Street, and got more really good ice cream. On Sunday after being in church for 5 HOURS (really - not exagerrating) I went and helped Ferro with the scrapbook, and then went home and settled in for some good old fashioned Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. Then on Monday I was soooooo bored, so I called Jake (via my house phone, of course, because I don't have ANY minutes) and me, him and Arielle went to (wow, you're really good if you got this one right) Market Street. But as were walking down Market Street, this man comes up and he's all like, "Do you'all want free passes to the movie theatre's grand opening at 7" and we were like, yeah. it was 6:59, so we went to the Movie Theatre, there were like 8 people there, and we goot a free movie, free drinks (with free refills) and popcorn (with free refillls). We saw Be Cool, and it was awesome being the first people to watch a movie in the theatre, before the floor gets all sticky.
So if that wasn't awesome enough, I think I may have almost scored a job at Johnny Rockets....I need a job so bad.
Then tonight I went to Powder Puff and took pictures...it was a waste of my life, too long, and my leg hurt. But besides that, all smiles! *sarcasm*

Then after that, me, Jake, and Arielle went to (omg can you guess where?!) Market Street, except I realized that I was eating to much Ice Cream and went to the new Starbucks and got a Tazo Tea...It was dang good. Ok, so thats aboot it, I'll try and blog more later, Senior Awards not on Wednesday, Choir Rehearsal on Thursday, Friday?????????

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Alrighty, I found out where my other post went! This is from 5/11 , mkay?

So I was in McDonald's today with some random people who-shall-not-be-named-becasue-they-are-mean-to-me, and I noticed McDonald's new ads for their answer to EVERYBODY in the world's salad, their fruit-and-walnut salad (which after reading that link, sounds actually pretty good), and their ad campaign features Destiny's Child, and the ad says (more or less)

"When we walk down the red carpet
We look fine and sing good
Watch us shake ur bootyliciousness!"

Or some junk like that, which is weird in itself, because I can just imagine Beyonce singing me McDonald's commercials.

I KNOW you, you want this
DOUBBBBBBBBLE Cheeeseburger, baby
But Whooooooo!,
Youuuuuu need to get some fries with that, Oooooooh
And a LAAAAARGE Coke, ooh yeahhhhhhhhhh"


In other news, the AP test whomped, and I just feel so bad because I paid actually money to take it.

Nobody likes me.
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Monday, May 09, 2005
You Sound Horrible.
So, the Sucky McSucks are outside next door doing their best to try and get on y nerves. They sound like deep-fried awful. It seems to be the same guitar riff over and over. And over and over. And over and over. If I wasn't saved...

Off to learn about Government at Borders!!!!
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Sunday, May 08, 2005
TWoP Forums -> Has the phrase "Jump the Shark" jumped the shark itself?
I am reall digging ABC's lineup of shows for Sunday nights. As we already know, I thoroughly enjoy Desperate Housewives, and I've slowly began to really enjoy Grey's Anatomy. It is freakishly interesting. Like, this girl comes in with her parents because she isn't feeling well, and then the nurse finds out that its because the 17 year old girl went to Mexico and had a bad gastric bypass surgery. These two shows back to back is really good, but I'm afraid TPTB (that's internetspeak for "the powers that be") will screw it up and change the timeslots, resulting the untimely demise of the program.

Ooooh, the illegal Mexican gastric bypass surgery may kill this girl. HmmmmmHmmmm. She should be proud of her fatness. She should embrace it. Mm-mm-mm.
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A conversation with fellow royalty, PROM QUEEN Christi Laney
ridgeball05: what're you up to
redlemonznlimez: watching Desperate Housewives
ridgeball05: haha
ridgeball05: who is having sex with who tonight
redlemonznlimez: ooh
redlemonznlimez: Gabrielle just found out
ridgeball05: uh oh
redlemonznlimez: that her motherinlaw, doctored her birth control
redlemonznlimez: but what we know and she doesnt is that carlos messsed with her
redlemonznlimez: pills
ridgeball05: ooooops
redlemonznlimez: so now shes pregnant
ridgeball05: =-O
redlemonznlimez: but unbeknownst to carlos
redlemonznlimez: gabrielle had been sleeping with the lawnboy
ridgeball05: omgoodness
redlemonznlimez: so she doesnt know who the babys father is
redlemonznlimez: so the lawnboy is all angry
ridgeball05: is he the baby's daddy
redlemonznlimez: becasue he thinks he deserves to be in the childs life
redlemonznlimez: they dont know who it is yet
ridgeball05: lol that is crazy
redlemonznlimez: but she told him no matter what hes not going to be the "father"
redlemonznlimez: i know, right
ridgeball05: ho housewives is more like it
redlemonznlimez: hahahaha
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I'd Marry You All Over Again
You know what other commercial I hate that I just saw? The "A Diamond is Forever" commercial where this man takes his wife to some random place in Europe, and they are standing in this crowded square with a fountain in the middle, and he's like "If I could, I 'd marry you all over again" and she's all, "ahhhhhh, hone-" and then she looks around at all the "strangers" and they are actually people from her life! Her parents and other random people/kids she played with when she was little/man she bumped into at the post office this morning/stalkers. And then the husband proposes, beacuse he is so clever. I wonder if he payes all those people airlines bills to fly out just so he could be "clever". Hmmph. He'd have hd to pay for my ticket, the scarf i bought cuz it was cold, and the peaunts I ate on the plane.

Funny site
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Hate it or Love it...
So whats happened since my last blizzoga?

On Friday I hung out with brett, Mandi, and Sherri. On Saturday I was at church from aboot 10-2, and then I went to Adam's Graduation thing, wich was purty dang awesome, if I do say so myself. Me and Katti went up to Adam's room and played Mario Kart 64, and I BEAT HER DOWN, and my winning streak continued until a little boy named Steven came and schooled me in it. These young'uns....

Then later that night we saw CRASH which is an awesoem movie everybody needs to see it. Really...everybody. Go right now and see it.

Then I went home, went to bed and was very tired the next day. But it was still really good.

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So if you've ever driven down I-45 and gotten off at the Gladstell exit (which I do 3 or 4 times a week), you'll see this billboard advertising this golf course. The billboard has this guy putting in he background and this wolf sitting demurely on a rock looking out at us. So whats the problem with this picture?

Who wants to go golfing when theres a fear of rabid wolves skulking around the place? I mean, you're just out there putting, trying to get a hole-in-one, and suddenly this wolf comes up behind you and ATTACKS! You fall to the ground, moaning, "I....I wish...I would...have...known......." and then you die. But there's nothing you can do becasue you saw the sign, you just ignored the warnings. Lucky for you you read this blog.

If only the poor man in this photo had heeded my warning...think of where he would've been if he had followed the signs?
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Friday, May 06, 2005

One more period and I'm home free.

13 days.
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Thursday, May 05, 2005
Its DeAndre' Time, FOOL!,
So there is this very new DISTURBING commercial out for Gatorade's new product, Gatorade ENDURANCE. Obviously, as the commercial shows, Gatorade ENDURANCE is so good that when you come up against other players in the sporting arena, it causes them to crumble apart and die. Period.

No, the commercial is basically like, "Here is person running with only water in their body. Even though water has been around for, I don't know, hundreds of years (at least since 1978), ITS NOT DOING ENOUGH! >cue crumbling athelete....send in other athelete who has drunk Gatorade ENDURANCE< "Mmmmmmmm Johnny sure does look refrshed as he runs on the crumbled remains of LaTesha! He must have....Gatorade ENDURANCE!"

Ha, what losers. Anyway, I am totally ready for the weekend. i'm going to relax and not worry about a thing. THERE ARE ONLY 14 DAYS LEFT IN MY HIGH SCHOOL CAREER, isn't that awesome.

You know what I wonder?
I have DirecTV, and they show commercials for DirecTV on DirecTV. There is even a whole channel devoted to seeing how to order DirecTV...even though I already have it. And I wonder if DirecTV gets mad when Charter Communications or Time Warner shows ads. I know I'd be angry and would sabatoge their ads by sneaking dirty words into them.
It would be like,

"Time (BOOB!) Warner Cable...check it out!"


"Charter Communicationtesticularcancer! Make the switch!"

Hahahaha, I am so witty.

Stupid AP Test.


Oh, cool new thingee. Type in the name of a tv show, and itll show you every 15 seconds with a recap and pictures. Pretty dang cool, huh?
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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Urban Legends Reference Pages
I just saw the funniest thing in my life.

I was driving home from church, and I saw this woman walking down the street. Out of my peripheral, I saw her duck and run a few steps. She did it again, and suddenly I realized why; there was a bird attacking her. Each time the bird swooped down she would take a few steps, and then continue walking. I slowed down and turned around and watched, and the same thing kept happening. Isn't that freaking hilarious? I would've killed that ugly thing.

Go here:

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005
The Pieces...pieces...pieces of pee
So apparently the kid next door seems to think that he is some sort of an awesome guitar player or something and has formed a band. A very LOUD band. To be in this band you must:

(a) be able to practice everyday as I get out of the car and walk up to my front door.

(b) Know that when the issue of LOUD vs GOOD comes up, the former is better than the latter.

and (c) be able to shake their heads in that weird "rock out" metal fashion.

No kidding, they really suck. The kid who lives there is home schooled (for some ungodly reason) and they practice in their garage. For some reason, with the garage open. I have been brainstorming names for their band, and will leave you with them. Here you go! lata.


Isotonic Suck
Death of an Ear
Open Garage Torture
Posing Rock Boys
Next Door Neighboors With A Bad Band
and my personal favorite,
The Sucky McSucks
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Monday, May 02, 2005
Its Been A Long Time
So officially, this weekend was about the best weekend of my life. Prom was so awesome, I can't even really describe it. But I will try, because I know you probably have nothing better to do with your life than read this (I mean, why else would you be here if your life wasn't so boring and you werent such a loser?)

Around 3:45-ish I began showering and getting reeady to go to the event. My tuxedo was pretty good, but kindof big. I had to safety-pin it to keep it in place. I am scheduled to pick up D at 4:30

My mom forces me to take several pictures around the house featuring me standing stoically by plants and junk. She even makes my dad pose one were she "fixes" my boutineir (sp)

At 4:15 I sit down at the computer to MapQuest directions to the beach, and my mom comes over and tries to "cut my split ends". Seeing as though this may work with cute little white suburban girls, this definatley doesn't work with me. I had my hair twisted for prom, and if she went to every individual twist and snipped it, when I took it down and picked out my hair, I'd have huge holes in my head.

At 4:20 D calls and informs me that she had to redo her hair at the salon for some reason and was just leaving. We are supposed to meet at Riverpointe in Conroe at 5:30 to take the obligatory group prom pics.

At 4:50 D calls and says that she is at her house I can come and pick her up.

I get to D's house at about 5 and wait for her to get ready.

5:03 D calls my mother into the room where she, her cousin, and her aunt are helping her get ready. My father and I sit akwardly on the couch watching Domonique's dog, which is about the size of a mouse, bark at us. It just sits and barks.

5:06 D rushes out of the in her dress and with her hair room and admonishes me not to look at her and goes upstairs in search of lip gloss.

5:08 Domonique's aunt tells her to hurry up.

5:12 Domonique's aunt tells her to hurry up some more.

We finally leave at 5:20 and rush over to Riverpointe following my dad, but not before we get lost somehow.

We spot our prom group, minus Brett and Shiree. We take some cool pictures and wait for them to come

They dont show up for a long time but it is cool because we have plent of time.

They finally show up, we take some more pics, and we load into the limo and head to Buca de Bepo's.

While in the limo, we decide that we are all young, glamarous and hot, and we decide to be celeberities. Here's who we all ended up being for the night:

Russel/Ashley: Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kornekova (sp)
Katti/Adam: Nick and Jessica
Me/Domonique: Jay-Z and Beyonce
and oddly enough,
Brett/Shiree: Bill Cosby and his wife Cammile

So, we eat get to Buca's and we walk out of the limo after promising each other that when we meet the stares of strangers who admire our beauty, we will say matter-of-factly,

"Yes, I know what you are thinking. Yes, we just got out of a limo, and yes, I am very famous."

So we sat down to eat and we ate sooooo much. Near the end of the meal, we broke out into Brett and I's song, Contagious, and Dominique got the role of Chante, while I was R. Kelly, and Brett was Mr. Biggs.

8:00 We departed from Buca's after deciding that we wanted to be fashionably late, but we also didn't want to stand in line to take pictures. We coreograph a dance that we will all do when we get to prom, the Harlem Shuffle.

8:10 the limo driver is lost in the Woodlands.

8:12 Brett rolls down the little window and shows our driver, Mike how to get to the country club.

8:19 We arrive at the country club looking very fly.

8:26 I inform the DJ that he must play something crunk so that I may get busy.

He played this techno music, and in turn, our prom group did the Harlem Shuffle which we had practiced and prepared for in the limo.

We were the best group at prom, we had so much fun. Btw, My bestest buddy got Prom King, so yeah, we are pimps.

11:34 we dance our last dance and leave the prom.

1:46(est) we arrive at the beachouse. Russel, Brett, and Adam decide to run around the beach...

I look idly on.

Then I helped Brett set up his little boat. It was very cold.

Jrard walks by with a beverage in his hand and asks if he can come up.

He is politely declined.

Ashley S decides to go over to El Casa de Weed 8 houses down and "talk"

We let her go.

Russel breaks out his guitar and every joins him outside to sing songs that I've never heard of.

I sit inside and watch an infomercial about a steaming cleaner while all of this is going on. It was too d cold.

Everyone comes in (because hey ! they realized that it was too d cold) and we watch police chases for a while.

Ashley returns.

5:27 we decide to go to sleep.

We do.

7:00 we wake up and smell each others morning breath.

We swim and do all that cool stuff during the day.

At some point Domonique, who was feeling pretty sick, decides to go back home with Ashley S, and she does.

I call my dad to ask if I can stay tonight and miss school tommorow. He puts up no fight and simply asks if I have enough clean underwear (which I do). He says yes (score)

We sit inside and luxuriate and think about how awesome we are. At some point some very inebriated people walk onto our porches with alcohol. We figure if we all go inside, they will get the hint and leave.

They do.

An hour later 2 of the alcies come back and ask to use our lighter. What for, we ask? We just want to...grill some things they say. Are you going to use it to smoke weed, we ask. ...No they say. We throw the lighter at them and tell them to leave and to make sure they give it back to us.

we go swimming in the freezing salt water.

The alcies return our lighter.

Brett and Adam have procured boogie boards and proceed to swim out into it. The water is very salty. I realize this after inadvertantly drinking a gallon of it.

The alcies leave; they have to be at school tommorow.

We go inside and dry off and decide to have lunch. Adam and Brett, the master chefs make hot dogs.

They are good. We watch Old School and everybody falls asleep so we decide to nap.

We nap for a bit.

I wake up and me, Russel and Adam watch American Pie 2. I fall asleep.

Adam's parents come and check on us. They stay for a while, and everything is cool.

We find out at a man on one of the neighboring houses far down the beach, has drowned and they are looking for his body; we become somber as we see the coast guard come in with helicopters and boats, searching for him.

We take it inside, and just watch some tv.

Later that night, we play Twister, and we all know how fun that is.

Brett and Adam make burgers and beans; the burgers are awesome....the beans...well, ....

We go to sleep relativley early, about 1

We wake up at 8:15 and realize that everyone else is in school and we are not.

We cheer.

We eat ice cream for breakfast.

We clean
We clean some more
We clean some more

And finally the house is restored to its orignal (yet odly, very crooked) order.

We leave at 10:57

We eat at Chilli's.

I have fajita quesadillias with this gross lemon rice.

We get home.

Brett doesnt let me pee and i hit him.

He wins and gets to the bathroom first.

I sulk and throw his things out of the car and leave.

Ha !

I take my tuxedo back a day late and dont have to pay the $22
late fee because the guy doesnt feel like dealing with a DL number.

I come home and veg out and then write this.


So there you have it. My prom ecperience. Awesome. I should have some pics up (I took 233), but Hello doesnt seem to work on my computer. Oh, well.


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