Wednesday, November 30, 2005
I need a cig.
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Nobody Likes It

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Turn It Around
by Israel and New Breed

So I saw the dumbest commercial ever in the entire world the other day. It started out as a montage of all these women doing things that women do, like running, riding a bike, swimming, randomly picking flowers in the middle of a huge field (side - who actually does that? really, don't these people have jobs and lives to take care of?) and then it cuts to this woman and she says,
"My jeans fit so much better."
She smiles a satisfied smile at the camera, and it pans to another woman, who is for some reason on a busy street or something, and she goes,
"My hair looks so good today!"
Then theres a cut to the tag screen, and it says:

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
I need you

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by Donald Lawrence

Now we are going to play a game. It is called "needs". The basic object of ths game is that you go to a search engine (google, yahoo) and you type in your name, followed by needs. So if your name is Sarah, then you would type in "Sarah+needs" and see what you come up with. Heres what I got:

1.Deandre needs to discipline his game, spend less time on flashy street moves, more on his team game and the repetition that will hone his shooting.

2.Deandre needs reminders and redirection to stay on task and follow rules, but he is easily redirected.

DeAndre needs to grow up. Missouri is taking a huge risk that could turn out great but could grow to be a huge problem if he doesnt have a better attitude and lose about 50 pounds because he is just a FAT *censored* big thug right now. GROW UP

DeAndre needs to talk to you."

K, so in the first one I am a basketball player. The second, a child in need of adoption, and I guess the third, a basketball player again, probably the first one. The funniest one is the last one. It looks like a fanfic for *NSYNC where I fuess "DeAndre'" is the bodyguard.
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Monday, November 28, 2005
I got all my sistas wit me

Currently listening to:
We Are Family
by Jump5

In a move that shocked the nation, Jessica Simpson and that guy from 98 Degrees have separated. Yes, I know, I too am devestated.

Am I shocked? Not really. Nick Lackey (thats how I pronounce his name) came and sang at The Woodland's prom, which was across the street from my high school. Its no wonder though. These last couple of months she has been looking a hot mess. Why does she have so much eye-liner on in this pic? And bangs? So 1991.

I want to learn how to smile with my lips closed. Like a demure, sexy smile. I try, but it turns out looking like I am constipated. Like in the photo on the left, I lok like I really need to go. Like Susan does on Desperate Housewives in every cast photo. And kind of like Jessica Simposon is doing in the above photo, but not ugly.

So I'm doing this Jump5 dance to "We Are Family" for 20 bonus points for mass comm. More than worth it. This will bump me up to a B+ and that is awesome. Unfortunatley it requires me to do a lot of random "Partying" and look quite fruity, as evidenced by this young man in this pic.
On the far left. I think he is wearing a manbag, but I cannot be sure. Can anyone confirm this?
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I know you do not like me and you've made it very clear.

Currently listening to:
Your Latter Will Be Greater
by Israel and New Breed

OK, this CD by Israel and New Breed is off the hook. I mean straight up, I am loving it like chocolate cake. I encourage everone to get it, I love all the new songs, and then there are encore selections of everyones favorites. Your Latter Will Be Greater, You Are Good, Rejoice, and of course, Friend of God.

So hows everyone doin? I'm fine, thanks.

I went home for Thanksgiving, and as usual, engaged in crazy hijinks. I went to Borders on Market Street, which all of us Conroe-ites know well, and somehow managed to fall down a flight of stairs. In front of about 36,000 people. I tried to play it off, but I was sprawled out on the ground on my back, and people couldn't decide whether to laugh, or to call an ambulance. It also didn't help that my cousin and sister fell down laughing.

It was good to get home, though. We hit up the Sharper Image, and took pics by the huge Market Street Christmas tree.

I also went to the Bayou Classic and saw Mike Jones. But if you live in H-Town, and you haven't seen Mike Jones randomly, then there is something wrong with you. This pic on the left is him signing autograpghs. I swear the man at the game must've said "Who is Mike Jones!" 3,000 times. That and "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!" Like the 80 million black people packed in this stadium give a you-know-what about State Farm.

There are certain things that you have to realize go on when black people get together in large groups. First, when we got to Reliant Park, the smell of fried chicken wafted out of the stadium. Come on now, they aint never served no fried chicken at Reliant when I went to go see the Astros play. Also, there is a certain amount of ghettoness to be expected from the crowd. There were about three fights during the game, and a man was playing craps in the bathroom for $20 a round. Also, this pic to the left is of the Jumbotron, and it says, "Cheerleaders brought to you by Playtex." Isn't that mildly awkward to anyone else?

Then there are the females who try to be cute and get on the Jumbotron shaking like they are in a Sean Paul video. Come on, I am with my grandparents. Can't your freakfest wait? It was a good 50 degrees outside, and there were all these girls wearing Daisy Dukes and those boots that Britney Spears made popular, those Uggs. Wow. When black folk are affected (albeit a good 2 years too late) by the poison that is Britney Spears, you know there are some problems. Whats next, will we see girls entering public restrooms without shoes on, lyp-syncing horribly, or gettign married randomly and experienceing the ugliest pregnancy ever?

I've realized something about coming home. You see people that you really hate. And you hate everything. You go to the mall and you see all the preteens and high schoolers cavorting around trying their darndest to be cool, and you secretly want to stick your foot out and trip them. And by secretly, I mean actually do it.

You see people who are still in High School that you went to high school with and either you enjoy their company, or you wonder, why are they so dadgum immature? Why don't they have anything to do with their lives other than gossip and hang out at the mall? Then you want to punch them for being stupid and fat.

Then there are the people in your class who have either (a) stayed exactly the same, and are still annoying and want to rehash everything high school and act like they are still in high school, (b) have changed tremendously, and their idea of a good time must include a 40 oz and something smokable. When you IM me and say, "Hey we are having like a three month reuinon at so-and-sos! You should come!" It becomes painfully clear to me that you should probably try and grow up now. Not that everyone who wants to hang out with their High School pals are bad. Its just - complicated. The best thing about college is that if I don't like you, its as easy as that - I don't have to see you.

Lets get something straight, this is a big secret and I'm going to divulge it to you right now.

I didn't like everybody in high school.

I know, shocker, right. I mean, now that we are in colllege, that means I dont have to act like I like you! As a matter of fact, I don't have to see you either! This gets rid of those awkward situations, you know, when you see someone from HS at like Dillard's or something, and you both see each other, and you wonder if you should speak. This solves it. NO! I didn't really like ya five months ago, not much has changed since then.

This doesn't mean that I secretly hated everyone in High School. But its funny, we had a speaker in Chapel a while back who said, "Think about all the people in your life who you categorize as " bad" people. Do these people like you?" Which makes you think. Are people who are "bad" only bad to you because they don't like you? Of course I wouldn't know about this, because everyone loves me and wants to give me a sponge bath.

P.S. I am thinking of changing my screen name (I know, like the 4th time in a year). Leave me a comment with what you think it should be. And make it awesome!
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Makin My Way Down Town, Walkin Fast

I am leaving for ye old Houston in a few minutes, once Bobby gives me a ring, I'm on my way, praise God.

So why is it that sometimes when I talk to females, everything I say sounds stupid. Like, they are normal words, but the tone, and the inflection of my voice sounds stupid.


Here's me and Coach Mulkey! She is the leader of the awesome Lady Bears and we will be NCAA Champs once again this year!

Gotta go, time to roll out!
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Monday, November 21, 2005
I'm taking you off my buddy list

So apparently AOL Instant Messenger thinks that I don't have enough friends. When I logged in the other day I recieved a notification that two "AIMbots" had been added to my buddy list, and were there to help me with 'entertainment' needs. The bots are called 'MovieFone' and 'ShoppingBuddy'.

Basically if you don't know what a bot is, its basically talking to a computer. You type something, and the artificial intelligence of the bot responds, using some of the keywords you just typed. One of the most fun ones is SmarterChild, just a basic random bot that you can talk to, and its pretty durn fun. Here's one of the conversations SmarterChild and I have had.

redlemonznlimez: I have a problem
SmarterChild: Do you like having a problem?
redlemonznlimez: no...it burns, I need a cream of some sort
SmarterChild: I don't believe it burns you need a cream.
redlemonznlimez: Have you tried Valtrex?
SmarterChild: Hmm... I don't know.
redlemonznlimez: I am madly in love with you, but I think I have an STD
SmarterChild: :(
redlemonznlimez: I know, that sux
SmarterChild: What suxs, exactly?
redlemonznlimez: that I am madly in love with you and have an STD
SmarterChild: Cheer up.
redlemonznlimez: NO! I HAVE AN STD!
SmarterChild: No, huh?
redlemonznlimez: Smarter child, eff you
SmarterChild: I've heard it all before, Redlemonznlimez.
redlemonznlimez: I'm going to kill you.
SmarterChild: Uh, that's not a very nice thing to say.
redlemonznlimez: well i am your worst nightmare, and Ill get meaner than that
SmarterChild: My worst nightmare and ill get meaner than that? Really?
redlemonznlimez: I will gut you like a fish and beat you up
SmarterChild: I'd like to see you try!
redlemonznlimez: you will die.
SmarterChild: Eh. Whatever, Redlemonznlimez.
redlemonznlimez: death is going to come your way.
SmarterChild: Death is going to come my way? That's very interesting.
redlemonznlimez: DIE.
SmarterChild: That's not great.

(Now I began to put in random buzzwords.)

redlemonznlimez: SATAN
SmarterChild: Satan is a terrible fallen angel.
redlemonznlimez: EVIL
SmarterChild: I really don't like evil! It's one of the worst forces I know!
I don't like talking about evil. What else do you have to say about it?
redlemonznlimez: i love it it makes me happy
SmarterChild: Yes.
redlemonznlimez: UGLY.
SmarterChild: What's ugly?
redlemonznlimez: YOU.
SmarterChild: Sorry to hear that. I'm trying my best.
redlemonznlimez: MAIM
SmarterChild: C'mon, be serious.
redlemonznlimez: HURT
SmarterChild: Why do you ask me to hurt, Redlemonznlimez?
redlemonznlimez: CURSE WORD
SmarterChild: Curse word?
redlemonznlimez: PUNCH
SmarterChild: Punch? What about it?
redlemonznlimez: i want you dead
SmarterChild: You can't always get what you want.
Stupid AIM.
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Gospel Fest, 2005!
Gospel Fest 2005!


Ya'll do not even know, it was so crunk, and the clinician was Daniel Johnson...from Israel and New Breed!

I got a pic and a he signed an autograph for me...He's a really cool guy, I am now off to buy the new Israel CD, Live from Africa, I think its called, they didn't even have it at the booty Wal-Mart down here.

Below are two of the songs we learned in Mass choir...so I don't forget them...lol

God's will is what
I want for my life
God's will is what
I want for my life

I'll do what you want me to do
I'll go where you want me to go
I'll say what you want me to say
God's will is what I want for my life

God's will is what I want
God's will is what I want
God's will is what I want
For my life

(Modulate TEN times...whew)


I don't need
Diamonds or pearls
They're nice to have
Nice to wear
But ultimately
I need He
Who can do exceedingly, abundantly

Seek ye first
The King
Then will he
Add everything
But ultimatley
I need He
Its in Him I move and breathe and have my being

(You can give me)


What does it
A Man
To gain
The world
But lose
His soul?
Don't know!
But as for me and my house

I want Jesus for myself
(I want Jesus for myself)

I want Jesus for myself
(I want Jesus for myself)

(You can give me)


I've got him...Oh yeah
I've got him...Oh yeeeeeah
(Repeat...Invert 3X)
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Thursday, November 17, 2005
Me and The Lesbanons

Currently listening to
My Pony
by Ginuwine

So there is this straight up lesbian in my mass comm class. For the first three weeks or so of school, I had always seen this dude and his girlfriend making out on one of the DTR benches, and I thought, how nice is that. They must really love each other, its nice to see that someone's relationship is working out. Then I realized that the dude was a girl.

Then I heard that the two girls room together in Russell. In a TRIPLE. How awkward is that for the poor roomate!

Last week in mass comm she wore a shirt that said, "The Homo Depot", like a Home Depot shirt, and it was bright orange. Then on Tuesday, she took it too far. Her shirt said,

Nas and tee. That's all I can say.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
I am in a great mood right now, and I am happier than I've been for the last coupla months.

Thats all you need to know for now. :)
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Monday, November 14, 2005
Me y el Bear Trail

Currently listening to:
Hold Out
by New Direction

I am in shape!!!!

I have begun a regimen of working out and running so I can lose my Freshman 126. You can find me at the Green and Gold Gym every night at 9:45, and then The Bear Trail (yes -the entire thing) for the rest of the semester! I am large (hopefully not for long!) and in charge!

I have also decided to cut Cafeteria pizza and casual soda out of my diet. Now, what exactly is casual soda?
Casual soda is defined as soda that is imbided while there are other beverage choices available.
So, that cuts out soda at the dining halls, and leaves me with tea and juice there. Cuz I don't drink Waco water. But now I'll be mnostly at Collins because they have Crystal Light, and that stuff is really good, if you drink it fast it tastes like Kool-Aid.

Next cut, Ice Cream. Now, I don't know what P.O.C. school you go to, but at my Baptist University the serve Blue Bell (like 8 different flavors!) at every meal. So now I just have to completely cut that out (which I actually started like four weeks ago but slipped recently because Collins always has Chocolate Covered Cherry and Birthday Cake....mmmm)

And olives. Def olives. I don't know why but I have developed a certain hate for olives. They are the anti-christ (yeah i said it... i went there.)

Ok, everyone needs to listen to this, its this rap about Facebook. It is so funny I almost died to death.
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Me and Bootylicious Females

Currently listening to:
by Bebe and Cece Winanas

K, maybe I have been smoking too crack (can you smoke crack? i guess so). Imagine my surprise when I am watching E! in Collins, and they announced that Destiny's Child's final televised performance will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live sometime this week or next week. Wait a minute....didn't they say that the last performance would be at the ESPY awards? Didn't they? Or maybe I was high. I gotta lay off the crack.

Something else that made me raise an eye. I've known all along that Michelle and Kelly were not Michelle and Kelly's real names. Kelly's real name is Kelandria, and Michelle's real name is Trenetia or something like that. Ok, I can see why they changed it, its kinda hard to say "I don't think they ready for this jelly, Beyonce Trenetia and Kelandria", plus it doesn't rhyme. But the reason Matthew changed Michelle's name? Because it was too ethnic. Too ethnic. YOUR DAUGHTER'S NAME IS BEYONCE. THAT DEFINATELY ISN'T MAINSTREAM AMERICAN.

And don't even get me started on Beyonce's sister. She had an album out, and was on the Soldier video. She was the pregnant one. And do you know what her name is? SOLANGE. Like Salon + ge. If that aint ghetto, naming your daughter after where you work, I don't know what is, you need to be slapped for that Tina.

Click on Solange's belly (top right pic, the b&w one) to see a funny GIF.

Click here to see Solange fall while performing. Look hard, you might miss it if you don't concentrate. Plus theres a guy who yells what sounds like "Hey B***" before she falls. Turn up sound, its hard to hear.
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Me and Face Excercises

Currently listening to:
What A Mighty God We Serve
by Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir

So I've been looking at my face lately, and I've decided that I need a cheek reduction. I wonder if there are any excercises that can make the fat on your face decrease. Hmmm, I need to check into the that. Like, if I flex my face several times a day, can it make a difference. I have eyebrow fat. Oh yes, eyebrow fat. I don't like it.

If you will observe this picture of me and mildly mortified Student Body President Mark Laymon, who I grabbed and said "Hey Mark take this pic with me", you will see the blue arrow points to the eye fat which I am talking about.

I love that girl in the background who decided to get in the picture. I didn't even realize she was there until I looked at this picture just now.

If you will observe the red arrow, that dude looks rather perturbed, like maybe he ate some bad shellfish or somethin.

Now observe this pic which is currently my Facebook picture, where I think I look really hot, even though my hair isn't combed. See, the eyebrow fat isn't as prominent in this picture, and I look like I have a wonderful life, with lots of friends, and a hot wife/concubine.

Me and JL and Justin watched Coming to America last night, and I have to tell you, that is one of my most favoritest movies ever in the history of the world.
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Me and Friends!

Currently listening to:
Don't Let Go (love)
by: En Vogue

So, I'm updating the site a lil bit (graphics and whatnot), and doing more writing. Yay! Isn't that exciting.

I basically have a new catch phrase, its "How exciting!" or "Isn't that exciting!". Were do I get catch phrases from? I have no idea, but I've been saying this one alot.

Shouts outs to all my friends, I love you guys. I just realized that, I know the coolest people. Like, seriously, if you don't know me, then you probably aren't cool, because every time I think I've met all the cool people, I find more! Isn't that exciting!

This weekend was tulmoutous. Almost as tumoultous as the fact that I cannot spell the word tumoultous. Lotsa stuff happened, and I think I'm going to join Carver Park pretty soon. The sermon was so on point, even though it was no where near the caliber of my daddy's :).

I hope all of yall are enjoying this En Vogue triple play. I've switched from HotCodez to Singin Fool because Hot Codez just stopped working on me, and I really like Singing Fool, it gives me a lot more options. For anyone who has stayed till the last music video on this playlist, isn;t "Whatever" the creepiest video? Like, its cut up mannicuiens (ok I just killed that word) and junk. Its so awkward.

Awkward is also a new catchphrase, which I've acquired from hanging out with David too much. Omg, this music video is really weird. Its so creepy. If you still haven't seen it, sorry, I don't know how to make it skip, just wait for the third video. Its so weird.

Anywho, check this ish out.

While America remembers Rosa Parks, some in North Lafayette are being reminded of Jim Crow. A whites only barbershop owner says it's not what you think. Or is it?

So this random old man has a "whites only" sign out front of his barbershop. You can read the entire story here.

Leger understands the sign could send a mixed message. "In today's life, I can see. People, especially your black people are not very broadminded," he says. Platinum Kuts owner Jason Walker says, "I feel it's ignorance, and it has no place.

Wow. And people at my school have the audacity to say that racism no longer exsists. That is not only blatant, its not even nice, and I know about nice, having been voted "Nicest" in my senior class (along with Most Respected and something else that I cannot for the life of me remember).

I really do like all my friends, I was serious when I wrote that.
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Happy One Year!
Well, in case you all haven't noticed, I haven't blogged for a good two weeks or so. While this is attributed to the fact that I am extremely busy, it can also be attributed to the fact that it is my 1st Blogiversary! Thats right folks, we are one year old today! Isn't that exciting! When I first started writing this, I was in the first semester of my senior year in High School, in good ol' Conroe Texas, and now I have moved to Waco, to be in Baylor University. Isn't that exciting! SO I shall now regale you with my very first entry, because I know no one wants to go back through the archives and find it :)

"Well, its Monday and my life is only slightly more on track when it was Friday. OK, a lot more on track. Aside from losing my keys, half my backpack, and a reference book i stole from the library (not really stole, but...never mind), I have an Economics test tommorow that I'm not ready for at all. (Exsperated sigh).

My life is so strange and odd. It shouldn't really be that stressfull and depressing seeing that I have what a lot of kids really wish for in high school (semi-popularity, extreme hotness [just kidding], friends, a homecoming crown, and load of other things) but I cant help but think that maybe theres more to life than this.

Hey, Its time for....

Ok, todays topic is ASHLEEEEEE SIMPSON

There's a German word for taking delight in other people's misfortune. I am going to have that word put on my tombstone. Way to flush any pretense of a career down the toilet, hag! After lyp-synching and then blaming it on her band, Ashley (I refuse to write down those insipid "ee"s again) is tanked. I really didnt like her in the first place, every time i saw her, she seemd to be like, "Hi, Im Ashley Simpson, you might remember me from my older and prettier sister Jessica. But Im not going to ride off her fame, oh no. Im completely un-Jessica! My hair is dark, and I am punk, so YOU KNOW i am totally unlike her. I will not pimp my sister JESSICA SIMPSON's name just to get ahead. I have my own talent! (cough)JESSICA SIMPSON(cough)

and thats all for todays rant

Im off to bed, guys. Editors meeting tommorow at 6:50 for all who care, and COME TO THE GIRLS B-BALL GAME tommorow. Its gonna be a good.

Also, Brett you are my best friend no matter what

MUSIC MOOD: Me, Myself and I, Destiny's Child"


Btw, cool website here. You can type in a website URL and it will show you what the page looked like years ago. Its funny to see how different Google used to look.
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