Thursday, March 30, 2006

Currently listening to
Be Without You (Remix feat. Stat Quo)
Mary J. Blige

I am currently enjoying the American dream. A half gallon of delicious carbonated water (in this case, Dr Pepper) and some awesome starchy cheap dollar store chips.

Uncle Ray's Kosher Dill Pickles are actually quite delicious, and I like them better than their counterpart, Lay's Dill Pickle, because Uncle Ray's are sweet.

And sweetness is good.

Stompfest is on Saturday.

ASA will win.

I have spyware.

Every now and then advertisements will come up asking me if I am lonely, and if so, there is a beautiful naked woman availible to me.

After 56,008 times, that gets old.

Enjoy this clip from the "Flavor of Love" Reunion Show.

New York almost kills Pumkin...with her weave.

The end.


ETA: Check out Pumkin scurrying like a little coakroach!
Also, someone just burnt popcorn across the hall and I am pretty sure the fire alarm is going to go off.
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Sunday, March 26, 2006
The UnCola (UnCoke, that is)

Currently listening to
Friend of God
by Israel and New Breed

I am addicted to freakin soda.

It snuck up on me. I am addicted to carbonated beverages. And not just any.

Dr Pepper products.

That's right, one of my new favorite drinks is RC Cola. I can't even drink coke, it just isn't as tasty.

Stupid Baylor, brainwashing students, what with its Chrisitanity and delicous caramel colored beverages.

Check out this link to RC Cola, I think in the Middle East. It is quite trippy.


I just had one, it is darn delicious. I also now enjoy Dr Pepper, from the tap, of course.

Thats why I don't understand why people loooooooooove to drink alcohol. Why pay like 5 dollars for a drink that stings your throat when you could shell out 60 cents for a delicious frosty can of delicious liquified sugar?
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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Currently listening to
by Missy Elliot

Thats right, people, I'm back and theres nothing you can do about it.

Iwas academically advised today, and that was exciting and fun. The woman seemed to not want to let me officially switch majors; I was registered as a Telecomm major, but really wanted to do Journalism, but the hag told me the wrong thing at my first advising appointment; she said I should def go the route of a telecomm major, even though writing is my thing.


Even though I've only taken two classes that pertain to my major, and both of the are prereqs for Telecomm and JOU, she kept going....'Are you sure yo want to do this...There is NO TURNING BACK,' like this was some bad Indy movie.

It is unseasonably cold in Waco.

Tommorow the weeeekend begins, praise His name.

The worst thing about Waco and my home town of Cornroe Texas, is that they are both inherently boring places. They are so boring, unless you have plenty of friends, which, praise
Him again, I do.

Someone needs to clean the bathroom down the hall. It is gross.


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Saturday, March 18, 2006
TV is a Secret Joy.

Currently watching
101 Celebrity Slimdowns
where else? on E!

Once again, Entertainment Television, also known as 'E!', has proven that as long as they put '101' in front of ANYTHING, lazy viewers like myself will watch. Keep your eyes peeled for '101 Celebrity Pieces of Tissue Papper That We Stole From The Garbage.' It'll be a hit. Watch.
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Friday, March 17, 2006
My Name Is Mariah and I Am Afraid of Pickles.

Currently watching
Food Network Unwrapped
where else? on The Food Network

As you can probably tell, all I have been doing this break is vegging out and watching tremendous amounts of trashy tv, oh yes. Including, but not limited to, Top Chef, Project Runway, plenty of Foodnetwork, Maury Povich, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Mablean, Judge Judy, Judge Hatchett, Judge Mills Lane, Judge Alex, and of course, Flavor of Love.

The most interesting thing was Maury, when they had "My Fear Is Ruining My Life!" where these women came on the show discussing how they were morbidly afraid of random things. Dogs, balloons, and these two women who were afraid, one of pickles, and the other of mustard. So, what did they think, that they were not going to come into contact with their phobias? Of course, Maury comes out with a huge platter full of mustard, sends the woman to a pickle and cucumber factory, and brings out puppies.

This one woman was so afraid of dogs, that she buys frozen hamburger patties and puts one in her person each morning, "So if the dogs attack me I can throw the meat one way and run the other."

I was thinking about how funny it would be if Maury turned to the pickle woman, Mariah, and was like, "Mariah, look at me. I want you to take your hand," and she would do it because Maury Povich would never ever lead her astray, "and reach your hand into the crevice between the cushion of the armrest, there is a check for 3,000 dollars in there," and she would, trusting Maury. But then her face would recoil in fear when she realizes that Maury had tricked her and is actually Satan. Oh wait, thats his wife. Connie Chung. Who is Satan.
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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Listening to NOTHING
Because it is 4:00 in the morning.


is almost over.

It is Thursday.

I have done nothing but sleep. And it is glorious. However, I was at Wally World teh other day, and I was wondering why whenever I purchase a pair of underwear, there is always one pair that is smaller than the others? What's up with that?

Also, why is it that there are always the most random pictures on the boxes? Like, somebody standing out in an open field ina pair of drawers?

I saw "The Hills Have Eyes" tonight, def an awkward movie. About on par with "Devil's Rejects," another movie that I had no prior knowledge of until I sat down to watch it. Imagine my surprise...

I'm rollin back to the Waco on Sunday, so I'll all you coo cats and cattettes then. Because I can make up words like "cattette," that means I am cool.
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
And we do it real big...

Currently listening to:
My Humps (Crunked Mix)
by The Black Eyed Peas

Hey! Now you can check out KCEN's broadcast! Right here! On Flat Soda! Hope you enjoy it...btw, I look quite fat, so squint a little when I come on the screen.

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