Sunday, February 27, 2005
How do you eat yours?
Theres no worse feeling than biting into a Reese's and realizing that the tasty crunch you are enjoying was actually the wrapper.
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Were just ordinary people
Its been a little while since I blogged but not that much has happened.

Wow, I just realized I dont feel like typing right now.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005
I have to confess
This is really hard for me.

I have a horrible confession to make, and I don't know how you'all will react to it.

I LOVE Desperate Housewives.

There, Ive said it.

Its not so much the characters, even though I like them alot, its the character developement, the way you can tell that the writers have really worked on the plot. The way that they wont randomly make, like somebody come back to life with the "Oh, her? She was never really dead" thing.

There. Ive confessed.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Say it, yes, ohhh...SPELL IT BACKWARDS!
I've decided that English is gay.

Everything was cool today, actually. We had to give like summaries of our cantos, but Im 19 and we ended at like 12 (hahaha stef). So now I have to do this stupid "layers of hell" proj that you create your own hell and put people in it in stuff, so I have to have a theme like a travel guide ("So, you want to visit Hell") or, like someone else I know is doing, "EMO Hell", where she put groupies, and guys who think they can sing but can't and junk. So if anyone has any ideas, feel free to share them with me...
In Govt today, we talked about Roe vs Wade, and of course, with all the overly opinionated people at my school, the sparks began flying, especially when my comment after everything said was "The best abortion is keeping your legs closed. Remember that, ladies" and of course there were the ProChoice peeps and the ProLifes, and then the casual observers (read: ME) who interjected their wit and sarcasm into the discussion.
Yearbooks goin pretty darn well, but were on deadline this week and it gets pretty hectic, especially since we have my 3 pictures to put our yearbook together with. Grrrr....
So today this random lady comes in the yearbook room venting about some stupid add that she bought for her daughter and yada yada yada. For some UNGODLY reason I let Nolan deal with her since I was working on some other Ads. I came into the conversation after I remembered that Nolan....hmmmm, how can I put this....can do very few things right. So the conversation went pretty much like this.

Me: Um, Nolan keep scanning those pictures in/

Angry Parent: (Who was built like a bear, sounded like a man and smelled like so much nicotine I got a contact high from her) This is very unsatisfactory.

Me: Ummm....Excuse me?

Parent: Well, I spoke with you all 3 months ago and you assured me that it would be taken care of. I also said that I have final approval over everything on the page. This is very unsatisfactory.

Me: Yes ma'am, but what usually happens is that we lay them out on the page, and our advisor fixes them up...What you see right here is only sort of a rough draft.

Parent: (and this is the clincher) Well, if you can't do something about it, I paid $500 for this ad, and I will go to the principal if need be, and I will have your job.

Me: (pause).....OK

Seeing as though I don't get PAID....anyway, the rest of the day was alright.
We had rehearsal till 5:30 and it just gets boringer and boringer everyday. The same stuff over and over. I don't know if I can stand it. The only thing thats good at all are my friends (you know who you are ;)

Lata Chones, Bye.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Go Complainers!

Our little art english paper is not due on thursday as originally planned, but on tuesday, eff yes! Someone who shall not be named (lets call her Hailey) supposedly complained to Mrs. Hayden aboot it and it got moved! Hurray for opinionated people!

Actually, all this means is that now instead of procrastinating until Wednesday, I get to procrastinate until Monday, which is a holiday.

Well the girls lost their first 5A playoff game tonight against some school called Temple. They got beat down pretty (kinda) bad. We got to the game like an hour late. It was at SHSU, and started at 6:00, we got out of rehersal at 5:30, so you can see the diWe got there for most of the 2nd half, then we lost, and we drove back to school and saw the boys lose. It was not a good night for OR sports tonight.

The plays going alright....today we re-worked THE SAME TWO SCENESm for two hours, and that was great fun. Fortunately some of the people who got on my nerves were not there, so I had some peace of mind.

Growl.....Mrs Hayden just informed us today that if we made an 84 or lower on our progress reports, we had to do the Inferno project, and its optional for everyone else. That whomps kindof bad, especially snce its due next Wednesday. I believe I may start it on Tuesday.

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Monday, February 14, 2005
I you can't make me say oooh....
You know what I like about having a cellphone? The little alarm setting to where you can set it to go off. This is cool unless you have a ringtone thats nice at first, but then gets on your nerves when you hear it every 5 minutes (after you've pressed the Snooze button 3 times). Meh, oh well.

If you didnt already know, I made the play, as a severely retarded man named Lucien. Hmmmmmm, rehearsals are all right, but they already suck immensley. From 3:20-5:30, with these people (whom for the most part, I really don't have any undying love for), and their quirks. Like, someone who's voice annoys you in the regular 55 minute class period KILLS you in a 2 hour stretch. Then only thing that saves this play from being a TAKS test (speaking of, 4 - day weekend!!!! TAKS day for underclassmen, bwahahahahaha) are Brett, Mandi and Corey. Really. There are some other cool peeps, but some of the kids take this junk way too seriously.

Hey, leave me some comments if you read this. I enjoy knowing that I am LOVED. You make me feel UNLOVED.

I saw Million Dollar Baby with my homie this weekend and it was dang good. I also saw another movie with said homie and Mandy called 21 grams. Hmmmm, that was an odd film.

Say It! Spell it Backwards!!!! En Espanol!!! Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop!

Lata Gatas
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Monday, February 07, 2005
So I'm thinking to myself:

Why surround yourself with people who seem to hur you alot? The logical explanation would be to cut these people off from your life, but for some reason, we don't. We should but we don't. So I guess the question I'm asking is, why stay in a postiton that seems to bring only pain when there are so many other options available.

The friends that I have (you know who you are) I have because I like them for who they are and they like me for who I am. I don't feel I have to change in order to be friends with them. Hmmmm.

I've also recently been informed that I have somewhat of a personal shell that I keep hidden from others. That's cool, I guess.
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My Life Is Broken
what do you do
when the life you planned is shattered
and what do you say
when the one you love is gone
how do live
seems like no hope for tomorrow
pain doesnt care where you live or who you are

Lord you see my life is broken
and i dont know what to do
while I'm in this change help me remain
i will count on you
when i cant see
i know you'll guide
when i cry out
i know you feel
now I'm praying
i know you hear
I'm praying for healing
i know you heal

who do you call
when no one has the answer
and where do you go
when the place you love is no more
when do the stop
all these tears they just keep fallin
pain doesnt care where you live or you are

My Life Is Broken
and i dont know what to do
while I'm in this change help me remain
i will count on you
when i cant see
i know you'll guide
when i cry out
i know you feel
now I'm praying
i know you hear
I'm praying for healing
i know you heal

we ask you to forgive
and we will do the same
as we recieve your love
and we'll take this time to heal

hold on and wait just a little while
he'll bring a song of strength in the midnight
touch our lives with your loving grace
hold on
hold on

hold on, don't you ever let go
let my jesus lead
i gaurantee you he knows
when the road is rough
the going gets tough
the hills are hard to climb
looking for peace of mind

Hold on, don't you ever let go

- Song of Strength, Fred Hammond
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Why have a lot of all right friends when you can have one great one?
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