Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Yeast...seriously, Yeast

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Its Time Now
by Tye Tribbett and GA

Do you know what i am sick of? Feminine hygiene commercials. Since its summer and I am yet employed, I spend a lot of time watching teh tube, and I tell you the truth, women have just about every single viable option in the world to take care of them. All we have is a choice between a gel or a solid.

I saw this commercial for something called "AZO Yeast Pills," and their slogan was "An AZO Yeast Pill a Day Keeps the Yeast Infection Away." WTF?

I even googled "AZO Yeast Pill" and came up with nothing, except women saying how it works. Something to do with cranberries...

Then, there is the most imaginative name for a product ever, "Yeastaway." Really. Couldn't think of anything more original? Or even remotely un...yeasty?

Come on people.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006
Im quite lonely.

I miss all my friends from school, I hesitate to say this, but its sort of like when you graduate high school, you burna lot of bridges just because its time to move on. You come back, and now you have a completely different set of friends, who you probably like more, because in high school, friendship was pretty much based on the proximity of people to you; my graduating class was about 430 and I knew almost every single person. In college, there are 14,000 and I have chosen my friends, and that doesnt lessen the high school relationships, it just makes them..less. Somehow.

If you wanna do something, hit me up.


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I Think We're In A Bit of a Pickle, Dick

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I Have Nothing
by Whitney Houston

(yeah, I know, random)

You're I remember, forever...
but dont make me CLOSE ONE MORE DOOOOOR

Anyway, so last week I go to get mah hurr did in Houston, at this little dreadlock shop called Wise Choice. A little background on this place: Last August I had an appointment and I Mapquested the directions and somehow spent 5 hours trying to get there, got lost, and ended up having to go back home.

So this time I got the directions from the stylist and I drove there. But before I went, my mother had something to tell me. Apparently she was watching the news and she saw a special about Salvadorian gangs in Houston. She kept telling me not to stop, dont slow down, and if I saw someone suspicious, to call the police. I was like, Mama, its Houston; dang near everybody is suspicious. Plus, my appointment was at 12:30. IN THE AFTERNOON. She replies by telling me, "Fool around and get cut up. These gangs arent anything to mess around with."

So I drive to Houston, about an hour drive to the place, and about every five minutes my phone is blowing up becuase shes afraid that I have been captured, and when she calls I will be able to reach my phone and yell a description of my attackers complete with my location so that she may relay that to the po-pos.

It didnt help that when I googled "salvadorian gangs in houston" I came up with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Here are these little quizzes that they put on people's Myspaces (of which I have but never use - friend me!: http://www.myspace.com/deandreupshaw) and before I took it I thought I was pretty hardcore (ok, im not really hardcore at all). It proved me wrong, because my answer was like "no" to everything.

D UrbN

eta: OK, this really didnt turn out right, and I deleted it, but I couldnt get the table off. Go to myspace to see it. Holla!
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Monday, May 15, 2006
A chapter from the Novel that is my life

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Brighter Day
by Kirk Franklin

About 4 or 5 years ago, my family became the first in the neighborhood to get an automatic sprinkler system. The rest of the families still used garden hoses attatched to twirly thingies to give their grass much needed water during the year, and could be seen during the especially Texas hot summer months water by hand, with a hose.

After we got ours, as we would pass those who weren't as cool as us and had to water their grass by plug in sprinkler, or even worse, by hand,and my father would cackle and laugh at them, scoffing at their inability and have theirs set on a timer, and he would pull up to our house and look lovingly at the fresh crop of green blades.

After my brother and I went to college, m y father turned lawn duties over to a service, and they would come about every other weekend and take on all the maitenence duties, and my father rarely worries about those things now.

When I got home today, I he was in the middle of the lawn soaking wet, in overalls, trying to fix one of the sprinkler heads, which apparently took some bad X the night before, because it was werratically shooting into the sky, making an amazing fountain.

He eventually fixed it, but I couldnt help but think that there was probably some dad that drove by and cackled, thinking about how much easier and reliable it was to water the lawn by hand.

D. Urban
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Thursday, May 11, 2006
The Poseidon Adventure!!!!!!!!!!

Currently watching (why?)
Last Call with Carson Daly

I just saw The Poseidon Adventure. It was meh, good at best, but the characters didnt really get as developed as you would think.

So tommorow, I get to see Mr Mayo, and if you know anything, I have not seen the Codeman since my Jr Year in High School, and we are finally reuniting at Grapevine Mills Mall at 3:45, how exciting is that?! I hadnt even seen a picture of him until about last month when Bef showed me his myspace, andhere we are/ We're gonna have an awesome time...Ill holla at you kids later, because Im gonna nap....peace...

D. Urban
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Tiara Girls
on MTV
(I am in no way endorsing this show...it just happens to be on)

New template, I hope all you kids like it...it took me a few tries, but I finally got it right...hopefully I can fix the tables so they dont run into the text...I am in Coppell and will be until Saturday, when I go back to the W for Caleb's wedding...I'll be in Houston on Saturday night, and I'll see you guys there.

D. Urban
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Sunday, May 07, 2006
Rule #386

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I Am Not My Hair
by India.Arie

Rule of Life #386

Whenever the elevator moves too slow and you give up and decide to take the stairs, the second you walk away is when it will open.

-D. Urban
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Thursday, May 04, 2006

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by Davy Jones (from The Brady Bunch Movie Soundtrack)

So I have to move out of my beautiful elegant room in a bout a week. It was good to have this large luxurious space that was the envy of all freshman on campus, but alas, I must leave you...to go work in God-forsaken Penland....were I will be a CL with a roomie for the first coupla weeks. Thats cool though, I'm over it.

Unfortunately, my roomate and I will probably not be departing ways on good terms...for....reasons... Thats too bad because he was awesome overall, except for two distinct occasions, and both of those were the same reason why we will probably not be *good* friends after we stop living together.

Hypothetical and rhetorical question: If you meet someone under bad circumstances (on their part...they were doing something morally wrong, in your eyes at least) then should that impression be all that you think of them? Its darn confusing, because your first insticnt is to dislike that person, because thats all you really know of them...this has got me confused and bored so I shall stop writing now.

OK< took my Race Class and Gender final today, and it was a 60 question exam, and out of that 60, only about 16 of the problems were not the letter "A". I'm serious, I have a scantron full of "A". Luckily I wasn't the only person, everyone else had that, but dag, thats a dirty trick. Even though I knew my answers were right, I kept second guessing myself, and thats what those dirty profs want you to do, get all nervous and mess up. But I kept my coo.

Gotta study for another (second and final) for tommorow, math, ugh. I'll holla.

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