Friday, November 26, 2004

Youre a mean one, Mista Grinch
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Yeah, I'd Be Mad Too
MSNBC - Couple points Grinchly finger at neighbors

Christmas decorations do get a bit out of hand... Sure I can tolerate some wreaths and lights, but some people take it way too seriously yes I'm talking to you people down the street who have the 10 foot tall santa Homer Simpson blowup in your front yard. As someone who puts up Christmas decorations the day after Turkkey Day, I'm here to say it don't take all of that. Seriously.
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Can you keep up?
So I listened to the new Destiny's Child CD, and to be honest, I really didn't like it that much. To start off, the CD tries too hard to be blatantly sexy on most tracks. The 5th track on the song, "Is She the Reason", starts out with Beyonce saying, "Hey baby...I wish you could see what I have on right...You so sexy...Think of how.....Intense it would be...to hold me right now...". It just doesn't work for me. The CD starts of well enough with the drum-cadence filled "Lose My Breath", but sticks to the formula that has worked so well for DC in the past and lets listeners down with the hope that perhaps someone on this CD could have more airtime than Beyonce. The CD should be titled "Beyonce, featuring Kelly, with very little Michelle". The song is one of the most infectious ones I've heard in a while. (As a matter of fact, its my ringtone) The video for the song is equally exhilirating. It features three sets of the girls in different eras dancing against each other. The next song on the album is "Soldier" featuring Cash Money and some other random people. It sounds good enough, but I saw a preview clip of the music video and it seems to be pretty random..uncharecteristically "hoochie". The one part I remeber is Kelly wearing a bikini and a fur jacket. I just think that the lyrics and image that they are trying to project is mainly going to go against Michelle's image, far away from her "gospel songbird" persona. I saw them perform at the Thanksgiving football game, Dallas vs Chicago, and the performance was pretty good, except for their obvious lyp syncing. At least they pretended to sing, using "live" pre-recorded lyrics (the song re-recorded with them "ad libbing" and saying things like "c'mon!" and "Yeah") and microphones. When Beyonce performed at the MTV Awards, she had the nerve to not even have a ear-mike on stage, much less a handheld. Also, Beyonce lost a little weight (not that she was fat, just thick...newayz) and she loks purty good. Meh, all-in-all purdy good CD, with some good tracks. "Through With Love" is actually one of the best songs I heard in a while. And the three-part harmony sounds really great. But it just oozes with "Look at us. We are grown up. We are sexy. We are INDEPENDENT WOMEN. Now, listen to me sing about catering to your every need and let me flounce around in a thong bikini. Are these grapes peeled good enough for you?"

1. Lose My Breath Listen
2. Soldier
3. Cater 2 U
4. T-Shirt
5. Is She the Reason
6. Girl
7. Bad Habit
8. If
9. Free
10. Through With Love
11. Love
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The New Destiny's Child CD
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Saturday, November 13, 2004

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Me and Dominique getting ready to embark upon Homecoming Night. We look hot, huh. The other pic is me and Danielle, and me wearing the crown that doesn't fit my oddly shaped head. (Sigh), oh well, at least it didn't give me a rash.
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Friday, November 12, 2004
(Exsaperated Sigh)
I double posted.

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Don't you hate it...
Don't you hate it when you're really getting into a blog and typing and its going great, and your power goes out.

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Don't you hate it when you're really getting into a blog and typing and its going great, and your power goes out.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004
I want some of this toothepaste.
Vanilla-mint toothpaste


Vanilla-mint toothpaste

In my MSNBC.com Weblog, Test Pattern, I reviewed the vanilla-mint toothpaste they were hawking on “The Apprentice.” And...I liked it! No, really!

Excerpt: “It's kind of nasty looking when it comes out of the tube — the swirl of two flavors is hot in toothpastes these days, but instead of a familiar green and white swirl, vanilla-mint Crest comes in a white and clear swirl. Which maybe sounded like a good idea back in the P&G boardroom ("White will be for mint and clear will be for vanilla! Or vice-versa! It doesn't matter!"), but which on my brush kind of looked like the toothpaste had mixed with spit. Or maybe it's not supposed to look like that, in which case someone in the store opened my Crest, spit in it, and put it back. I hope there's fluoride in spit.”


Seriously though, I want some. I'm not kidding, if anybody knows where to get it down here in Texas, tell me, cuz I want some.
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MSNBC - Ashlee Simpson just paying lip service to fans
MSNBC - Ashlee Simpson just paying lip service to fans

Hillarious article, here's an excerpt from the end

"...Why do we care? Is it because she had the No. 1 song in the country? Is it because she is the marginally kid sister of another star who has rocketed on fame on a mediocre voice and reality show phoniness? Is it because the entertainment world has become so manufactured, so packed with pre-fab stars that it was gratifying to watch one of them get busted? Or is it because we have discovered something that we actually knew all along? It was as if we had all seen Star Jones’s wig fall off or one of Victoria Beckham’s fake breasts deflate: the deeply satisfying sensation of having our suspicions confirmed.

As with so many celeb foibles, there are lessons to be learned for us ordinary citizens.

1. Don’t fake it.
2. Don’t lie to cover up a mistake.
3. If you make a fool of yourself in public, don’t compound the problem by doing a jig.

But let’s not confuse this whole episode with the Milli Vanilli scandal. At least those two guys could dance."

And that pic below makes me look really angry. I dont usually look like that Im usually happy, and my hairs way longer now. Btb, thats Brittany Allen in there, getting her eagle on.

Catch yall manana (that means tommorow ;)
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Me and the eagle getting crunk at Meet the War Eagles....ya i know, old pic but hey,hey, what can ya say?
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Maybe I Should Rob Somebody...
I really like that song. I dont know who it's by, but its about how nice guys always finish last when it comes to girls. Meh. I was really suprised to find out that was true, that a lot of girls would rather have somebody slap em around than someone to be nice to them. This one girl told me she broke up with a guy just because he was too nice to her. Thats crazy to me.

I think thats one of the biggest problems in our society. Whats right is wrong and whats wrong is right. Or maybe Im just crazy. (Exsaperated sigh).

I really try to be positive in the face of adversity, like when stuff comes flying at me from all different directions, I try to stay true and hold on to what Im taught and what I know, but its hard sometimes. Really hard.

You know what I really hate? THe way caucasians (read=white people) think that just because you dont listen to the same music they do, or watch the same shows they do, then automatically you're bad. "What!? You dont know what 'The OC' is? YOURE STUPID!" No, I dont know what The OC (pronounced "ock") is, nor do I care. "I can't believe you dont watch 'Friends' thats the best original show ever!", except that the idea was stolen from a black comedy, 'Living Single'. (Exsaperated Sigh).

Its hard being a black youth in white America. Youre always expected to be "blacker" than the last black guy, and freakin everyone else in the world, and talk like the latest rap single thats circulating around the white stations. If you can actually speak well enough to be understood, youre not black enough, so you're an "Oreo" and if you speak in all double negatives and wrong grammer then you're the "cool black kid".

And I admit it. Sometimes I speak the way I do, and act the way I act, to play up to white America's expectation of me, which is for me to be a rapper/basketballplayer/entertainer/janitor, but I dont think I can allow myself to be put into that mold any longer. I'm just so sick of comments like "Youre not really black, you dont "act" black", well what is "acting black"?. It's white america's way of keeping black people into our little cages, by keeping us away from our "toolbox", our toolbox being the key to all communication, speech. As long as we allow ourselves to be imprisoned within these boxes, we'll never advance ahead. (exsaperated sigh)
I digress. Thats my rant for tonite. I'll see yall tommorow. Serious thinking to do.


Bretts tha besssssssssssssssssst

Music Mood: "Diary"; Alicia Keys

P>S>>>> funny page that I think pokes fun at the subject i was just talking about. Only go ther if you can take yourself humourously ;P http://www.blackpeopleloveus.com
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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Do you rememba, the 21st night of september? somethin-somethin, so tender....something chasing the clouds awayyyyyyyyy

Whats up yall, what can I say, its tuesday and im ready for the weekend already. The edior's meeting went really good this morning. Most people came, and it was short and sweet, the way In like it. Today, Ferro, Couts and Barnett and I went to the new shopping place to go and try and be in a commercial during our 5th period. We got there and saw the cameras and stuff, but by the time we got to our parking space (btw, way to go The Woodlands, because f.y.i: you have no parking spots. ANYWHERE)we couldn't find the camera crew and the other extras. So we walked around, trying to find them, but OF COURSE the girls had to stop and go into every single salon and beauty shop they saw and squeal about some place called "LaMedeline". If you say so.
THen on our way home, Courts and I were having a fit over hearing that song thats all like "Its like raiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin on your wedding day, its like a free riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide when youre willing to pay" and I had seen on some "I Love The (Insert Year Here) show, that it was called "Ironic". I was imitating the guy on the show and I was all "No that is not ironic. Now it would be ironic if, say, you were afraid of having your wedding be rained on so you moved it to the Sahara desert where it never rains and then on the day of your wedding it rains. THATS IRONY!" and we both cracked up so hard. SO HARD.

Freaking basketball game tonite, HECK YES!

SEE HOW THEY RUN opens on Thusday come see it @ 7:00!!!!!


Music: "Doesn't Really Matter", Janet Jackson
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Using this BlogThis! Thingie
Blogger Help : What is BlogThis! ? Just seeing if this thing works.
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Monday, November 08, 2004
Me Myself and I (Is all I got in the end)
Well, its Monday and my life is only slightly more on track when it was Friday. OK, a lot more on track. Aside from losing my keys, half my backpack, and a reference book i stole from the library (not really stole, but...never mind), I have an Economics test tommorow that I'm not ready for at all. (Exsperated sigh).

My life is so strange and odd. It shouldn't really be that stressfull and depressing seeing that I have what a lot of kids really wish for in high school (semi-popularity, extreme hotness [just kidding], friends, a homecoming crown, and load of other things) but I cant help but think that maybe theres more to life than this.

Hey, Its time for....

Ok, todays topic is ASHLEEEEEE SIMPSON

There's a German word for taking delight in other people's misfortune. I am going to have that word put on my tombstone. Way to flush any pretense of a career down the toilet, hag! After lyp-synching and then blaming it on her band, Ashley (I refuse to write down those insipid "ee"s again) is tanked. I really didnt like her in the first place, every time i saw her, she seemd to be like, "Hi, Im Ashley Simpson, you might remember me from my older and prettier sister Jessica. But Im not going to ride off her fame, oh no. Im completely un-Jessica! My hair is dark, and I am punk, so YOU KNOW i am totally unlike her. I will not pimp my sister JESSICA SIMPSON's name just to get ahead. I have my own talent! (cough)JESSICA SIMPSON(cough)

and thats all for todays rant

Im off to bed, guys. Editors meeting tommorow at 6:50 for all who care, and COME TO THE GIRLS B-BALL GAME tommorow. Its gonna be a good.

Also, Brett you are my best friend no matter what

MUSIC MOOD: Me, Myself and I, Destiny's Child
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