Saturday, June 18, 2005
Super Cool Thoughts!
Sorry for not posting in forever guys. An update, thanks to euryone who came to my party, I'm legal now and I love it. I got a new job, b/c CiCI's is crap, so now I'm working at THe Picture People in the mall, taking family portraits. It pays way more money than CiCI's and i get to do something i like, which is take pictures. The yearbook is finished, and it is beautiful, all who are concerned. Continue to be on the lookout for my articles in the VIllager, becasue I'm getting to be pretty regular. My editor says that she really likes my work, and thats awesome. I'm going to Nebraska tomorow for THes Ferst, pray for me so that I dont kill theatre people. I have a new favorite drink, and its an Italian SOda from Gloria Jeans....so ujch cheaper than Starbucks and so much better tasting.
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Super Cool Thoughts!
Gosh, today i got to work at like 5:00, and it was just me and Randall with all these people wanting some nasty pizza. Ok, the pizzas really good but there were only two of us. And so, it thinned a whole lot around 8 so the manager was like, fill up the cheese and pepper at around 8:30, you can leave when you finish that. So i began to fill it up when like 80 people walk in. So, I grab my huge dispenser of parmesean cheese and run to the freezer in the back of the resturant. I get to the freezer, fling it open, and promptly fall on my butt. SO HARD. I think I bruised something it hurt so bad. So, in my falling, i flung the open container of parmesean and miracoulously it fall open end up on the ground, spilling very little. So, my Spanish speaking work buddies seemed very concerned, until I got up a few minutes later, when "sientense, por favor, sientense" turned into, the Spanish equivalent of "Oh my god I can't believe he fell so hard ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha".

It hurts reel bad.
So, tmmorow morning, yearbook, and hopefully, well mail (please god let us mail) and then Ill be done. I'm off Friday cuz im having a mother effing party bias, everyone should come.
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Monday, June 06, 2005
Super Cool Thoughts!
so im feeling kind of down because someone kindof (ok a lot) close to me hurt me kinda bad but the thing is, i dont even know if they realize it. its hard, because this person means a lot to me, but sometimes they are just so oblivious to everything...o well :(

Anyway, those of you who recieve the Villager, hopefully you saw my article on the front page of the education section. If not, I posted a rough draft of it earlier. Hmmmmm what else?

So ive been working on the yearbook for a while and i have to go in tomorow...really ealier. I work on tuesday (thats tommorow) from 5-10, Wednesday from 5:50- 10, and Thursday from like 11-4, and then Friday, MY PARTY....everybody should come its at 7, BYOB, that means bring your own beer. OK just kidding, dont bring any liqour to my house, there wont be...you know who you are.

In other news, does anybody read this thing? I know there are a couple of regular readers (Katti...hahahaha), but if you read this ever, just leave me a comment so I can know...that includes my friends (if i have any, bwahahaha.)

Night guys (well, not actually night - fresh prince then night - but def night somewhere in there)
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Thursday, June 02, 2005
MSN - News - Lindsay Lohan Uninjured in Car Crash
MSN - News - Lindsay Lohan Uninjured in Car Crash

What a funny title for a webpage?
Wouldn't it be like, "Lindsay Lohan not Killed in Terrible Crash Caused by her probable Intoxication?" It sounds like she was injured and then the crash unijured her and made her better. I don't see how she was unijured unless the crash miracoulously added 50 pounds to her body. She looks like an underfed waif. Anyway

Work is definatley better when its not an entire day. Really, I worked 5 hours yesterday and it was so much better. Were finishing the yearbook and its taking a while, so if you have things to finish (you know who you are) you need to come up to the school. Thats about it for me, Living Single is on, and thats my show.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I worked for 11 hours yesterday. Yes thats right. from 11 to 10. It was the longest day of my life, at the wonderful CiCi's pizza. I worked for five hours and then took my break, during which when I sat down to take the first bite of my hard earned free pizza, I bit the hugest chunk out of my top lip. I cut my break shot 40 minutes, and went back to work. So I work at 5 today, come by to CiCIs pizza!

Listen, I love you so much
But I need you to get your priorities straight
And stop playing with me
Because I can't keep going on
With you
Going on like this and that
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