Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Life = Not Cool

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Here's a secret:

Life sucks. It sucks way hard. Wanna know how/why?

Becuase here's what we do. For 12 years in school, we spend 5 days of the week dreading the next day. There is absolutely nothing appealing about going to school everyday, and going through routine. So you live for the weekends, and you go wild and crazy. So heres your routine: Hate everday, and then have two days of happiness.

So then you get into college, and you say, well, now i can finally enjoy my life, because I am not strapped down in this stupid routine, the routine of doing the same stupid ish day in day out, and then living for the weekend, having fun for 48 hours and then going back to the mundane. So you wait it out, until you graduate.

So then you get a job, and you think, well hot dang, now I can finally live my life. But no! Your life is now in a horrible, terrible cycle and you cannot stop it. You go five days with it sucking, then you have two that are cool. Then you die at 53 from an embollism, and no one comes to your funeral, because it is on a Tuesday and they all have to work.

My remedy? Become a movie star. Or a bum. Preferably a movie star. Then you could kiss pretty women. Or at least be on Oprah.
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Bianca, Mariah, and Bag Lady

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Stand Up for Love
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The best thing about having a teacher with kids is that every single time the wind shifts they get ill. And then she can't hold class. Mu haha, just kidding, I hope her kids get better.

So, with all this lack of class, I have decided to finish a conversation that I was having with some friends the other day. Who are the top five singers of our generation?

Well, the thing is, they are often wrong. Anyway, we couldn't get past 3, because I really don't like Celine Dion at all. What we did say was that none of these people are on the list:

Jessica Simpson
Brittany Spears
Ashlee Simpson (Oh Em Gee)
Mandy Moore
Caline Dion, only because I dislike her

so the list is:

3. Bianca (also known as Beyonce, if you are down like that)

The reson that Bianca is number three is only because she is so young and (relativatively (sp)) new to the industr as compared to numbers 2 and 3. In addition to being able to sing, she also has some crunk songs. I mean straight up, Bianca can sang. Even if you don't like her, she can sing circles around most artists today.

2. Mariah

Despite the fact that she can't seem to keep her clothes on, Mariah is still Mariah. I mean, she is Mariah. And if you don't know what that sentence means, I suggest you go buy Charmbracelet or some junk like that, because Mimi has a five octave voacl range that most of us have forgetten about because she keeps having nervous breakdowns and forgetting to put on clothes before she leaves the house. Her is a reminder of all that this heifer is capable of: (If you do not want to lose your eardrums, watch with caution - these high notes are in the whistle register, and she sounds like a dog. Also, most of the video was when she knew the joy of wearing clothes that actually covered her body...ooh, and watch for fat Oprah)

1. Of course, Crazy Whitney

Whitney, despite her crazy, is the greatest singer of my time, I believe, even thought she is really close to not being in my time, becuase she is like, 80, and on crack. But even Mariah can't match Whitney when she gets going.

People asked, why isn't Beyonce higher? Well, give it a few years because, this is the current state of Whitney and Mariah:

Give it time Bianca, give it time.
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Thursday, January 26, 2006
The Next American Idol
So I am back after a very prolonged absence with a new laptop and a full schedule.

I dropped to 12 hours becuase I am basically working three jobs; I work as a Chapel Assistant and that gets me 5 hours of work study per week at the low low price of minimum wage. Yipee.

Then I work at the RoundUp which is baylor's premiere (read: only) yearbook, min. 2 hours a week, max 8.

The most exciting one is at the boys basketball games where I work as a grip for cameramen, and guess who pays my salary....thats right, ERT, otherwise known as ESPN Regional Television. How exciting. Really.

I have a had a bit of a long day so I'm going to leave you with this video. Have nice lives. And enjoy Rhonetta...long, but worth it, so worth it.

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Friday, January 20, 2006
The other day the fire alarm went off in my dorm. This wouldn't be so bad, if only I hadn't settled down in the office to grade some papers when it went off. And by office I mean bathroom. And by grade papers I mean...

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